Mobi-Lens, A Photographic Clothespin For Your iPhone, iPad, Whatever [Kickstarter]


Mobi-Lens: Like the Olloclip, only more promiscuous.
Mobi-Lens: Like the Olloclip, only more promiscuous.

If I owned an iPhone, then I’d already have bought the Olloclip lens, a clip on widget which adds fisheye, macro and wideangle lenses to the iPhone using a slip-over clip. It’s impossible to line it up wrong, and it fits in a pocket or bag. But I don’t have an iPhone. I have an iPad. And I hate futzing around with all the magnetic lenses I have: they’re easy to lose, easy to get dirty and impossible to line up. What I need is a Mobi-Lens, a universal clip-on lens from Kickstarter.

The Mobi-Lens is essentially a clothespin with a lens mounted on each side of the jaw. The lens selection is predictable: a fisheye on one side and a wideangle on the other, which unscrews to reveal a macro lens beneath. This is the same set of lenses found on pretty much every iPhone lens accessory kit. To use it, you just squeeze the handles and slip it on. It’s not tailored to the edge-shape of the iPhone 4/S like the Olloclip, so you’ll need to futz a little to get it in place, but this is more than made up for by the fact that it’ll fit any phone or tablet you have. Kickstarter pitches for the Mobi-Lens start at $40, which is about the price of a magnetic lens kit, and therefore a bargain. The Mobi-Lens has also inspired me to take another look at my magnetic lenses, and now I have an eye on the clothes pegs (un-American clothespins) on the line outside my office. Where’s that damn Dremel when I need it?

Source: Kickstarter