Major College Football Teams Join a Growing Number of NFL Teams Adopting The iPad


College football teams follow NFL teams in replacing playbooks with iPads.
College football teams follow NFL teams in replacing playbooks with iPads.

Football season is just around the corner and the iPad is set to become a fixture for both college and pro teams. As we noted earlier in the year, a handful of NFL teams made the switch to iPad-based playbooks at the start of last season and more are making the switch this year. In addition to NFL teams, several colleges have announced that they are transitioning to the iPad playbook model as well.

According to CBS Sports, Stanford, Duke, Ohio State, and Syracuse have all signed onto the idea of the iPad as a solution over traditional paper playbooks. All four colleges have announced partnerships with companies that develop iPad solution specifically designed for professional football teams.

Duke, Ohio State, and Syracuse have all partnered with Global Aptitude – the same company delivering iPad-based playbooks and team management features for eight NFL teams: the Baltimore Ravens, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Seatttle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Caronlia Panthers, and the Indianapolis Colts. Global Aptitude lists both Apple and mobile management vendor AirWatch as strategic partners.

Stanford will be using similar solutions developed by PlayerLync.

It’s worth noting that the iPad has already made quite a name for itself in the NFL. Popular Mechanics noted earlier this year that a majority  of NFL teams, including those that haven’t adopted the iPad as a playbook replacement, rely on the device official and unofficial training.

Source: CBS Sports

Image: Global Aptitude

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