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Massive study proves Apple Watch could save your life


Apple Watch will keep tabs on your heart rhythm.
Photo: Apple

Stanford scientists have declared that the Apple Watch is capable of safely identifying the heart rate irregularities known as atrial fibrillation. This is a big step in the Apple Watch being taken seriously as a medical device. A-fib is the leading cause of stroke and hospitalization in the United States,

The research was based on a virtual study involving upward of 400,000 participants. The work was funded by Apple.

Letters show just how tight Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton were


Steve Jobs and wife Laurene Powell Jobs in the Oval Office.
Steve Jobs and wife Laurene Powell Jobs in the Oval Office.
Photo: Clinton Presidential Library

A batch of newly released files is shedding some light on the relationship between Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Jobs and Clinton were known to be buddies for years, but details of their relationship have been scarce. Now a set of documents from the Clinton Presidential Library has revealed some of the letters the two exchanged. In one note, Steve Jobs even goes so far as to make some cabinet post recommendations to Clinton. the two.

How LeBron and Cavs channeled Steve Jobs to beat Warriors


Eddy Cue isn't cheering for Lebron this year.
LeBron took some advice from Eddy Cue's boss this year.
Photo: USA Today

The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off one of the most improbable comebacks in NBA history on Sunday when they came back to beat the Golden State Warriors — Apple’s favorite team — in the NBA Finals and Steve Jobs was part of the reason why.

LeBron James had to dig deep for inspiration when the Cavs lost the first two games of the NBA Finals. After spending the weekend watching old Muhammad Ali fight, James reportedly realized his team needed something they could connect to to make them believe the series wasn’t over. So before Game 3, James gathered his teammates and played a portion of Steve Jobs’ infamous Stanford Univeristy commencement address from 2005.

This Week In Cult of Mac Magazine: Tech & Compassion


Cover design: Rob LeFebvre.
Cover design: Rob LeFebvre.

Compassion and Tech go hand in hand in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine.

We’re all supposed to be better people around the holidays. Unless we happen to be a hackathon dude who fires off a Facebook rant about how San Francisco is filled with human trash. 

And, sure, you can delete that stupid stuff. But that same technology that enabled you to quickly air your most callous, thoughtless opinion won’t take it back that easily. His subsequent apology did little to smother the flames about how tech needs better PR to convince the world we aren’t the philosophical disciples of Charles Montgomery Burns.

That’s why Facebook is considering a compassion button – so in this case you could sympathize with your hackathon pal for his complete lack of empathy for the homeless? – for example.

This week, Cult of Mac reports from the front line of digital companies and nonprofits with heart and soul from Stanford’s inaugural Technology and Compassion Conference.  The idea behind it is to bring things like mood trackers and compassion training to our iPhones, so we act like jerks a little less. And the world will thus becomes a better place…

We also bring you the best new books, music and movies in iTunes and apps in the store as well as the inside scoop from the behind the counter with our Ask a Genius Column. ‘Cause we’re generous like that.

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Apple Announces iTunes U Content Has Topped One Billion Downloads



Apple announced today that their free education portal, iTunes U, just topped over one billion downloads for content. iTunes U provides free educational content from some of the top universities around the world and is the world’s largest online catalog of free educational content.

If you’re looking for a free education, or just want to brush up on some subjects, you can enroll in iTunes U courses from professors at Duke, Yale, Cambridge, MIT, Oxford, and Stanford.

Major College Football Teams Join a Growing Number of NFL Teams Adopting The iPad


College football teams follow NFL teams in replacing playbooks with iPads.
College football teams follow NFL teams in replacing playbooks with iPads.

Football season is just around the corner and the iPad is set to become a fixture for both college and pro teams. As we noted earlier in the year, a handful of NFL teams made the switch to iPad-based playbooks at the start of last season and more are making the switch this year. In addition to NFL teams, several colleges have announced that they are transitioning to the iPad playbook model as well.

Stanford Offers Its Popular iPhone And iPad App Development Course For Free On iTunes U



The 21st century is the first time in history that you’ve been able to go to college without actually enrolling. Stanford is offering its popular iOS app development course for free in iTunes U.

The most up to date version of the course on developing for iOS 5 is available, and any iTunes customer can download class lectures and presentation slides.