Apple Says Goodbye To YouTube By ‘Rickrolling’ Developers



Yesterday, Apple officially announced that the YouTube app will no longer be a default staple of iOS. While Google is working on a standalone app, Apple has informed developers that they will need to change their embedded YouTube URLs if they want them to continue to work.

In the changelog for iOS 6 beta 4, Apple explained the changes by linking to a video for one of the internet’s oldest memes – Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up video.

As of iOS 6, embedded YouTube URLs in the form of will no longer work. These URLs are for viewing the video on the YouTube site, not for embedding in web pages. Instead, the format that should be used is described here:

The art of Rickrolling seems older than the internet itself, but Apple usually doesn’t include little jokes in developer notes. It’s great to see Apple having a little fun and getting one last dig at YouTube before it’s gone from iOS for good.

Source: Boy Genius Report

Via: The Verge

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    Lol that’s nice.

  • carloborja

    Buster got rick rolled.