Hueless B&W iPhoneography App Updated With Launch Center Support, Square Photos, And More


Hueless now plays nicer with other apps on your iPhone.


Hueless, the excellent monochromatic iPhone photography app, has just launched its v1.2 update. And despite the pedestrian-sounding version number, it packs in quite a lot of new features. Let’s take a look.

First up is a native square-format mode. Just pinch in on the viewfinder to shrink the aspect ratio to an Instagram-friendly 1:1. Pinch out to return to the regular rectangular ratio.

Then, when shooting, you can now rest your finger on the shutter release and have it fire when you remove it. This makes shooting on the big ol’ iPad a lot easier, too, and is enabled in the Setting app.

Finally (among several bug fixes), Hueless adds Launch Center Pro support, letting you not just launch the app from the “iOS Launchbar” but also be sent straight into several lower-level actions.

And this all comes in addition to the already great live manual exposure control, color filters and general all-round polish of this B&W photo app. If you have it already, you should update now. If not, it costs just $2.

Source: Hueless

Thanks: Christopher!