KBtalKing Pro, A Clackety Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard For All Your Mobile Devices


Try taking this chunky Bluetooth keyboard on the road with you.


Oh man, I can totally see myself taking this mechanical Bluetooth keyboard to the local bar and clackety clacking out a few posts every morning. It’s called the KBtalKing Pro and it is a rather clever little beast, a pro keyboard which is designed to work with – and switch seamlessly between – up to ten of your devices.

The KBtalKing Pro has two tricks. One is that it is a proper, mechanical-switch keyboard like the DAS or older Apple and IBM keyboards, while still being wireless and battery operated. The second is that it can quickly switch between any of ten paired devices using a function key pressed along with a corresponding key on the number pad. For someone like me, who has two Apple aluminumBluetooth keyboards (one for the iPad and one for the iMac), this seems like a fantastic and economical idea.

Then again, the nicest thing about the little Apple aluminum number is that it is so portable, and paired with the excellent little Origami case/stand makes just about the best portable office I have ever used.

Like the Apple keyboard, the KBtalKing runs on two AA batteries. Unlike the Apple keyboard, it also ships with a little smartphone stand, and costs $160. This will either be expensive of cheap, depending on your needs.

I’m going to try to call one in for review and see just what reaction I get when I use it in my locals bars and cafes. Available for pre-order now.

Source: KBtalKing USA

Via: Red Ferret Journal