Fold-Up Keyboard Case Turns Your iPad Into A Laptop [Review]



This is the Incase Origami Workstation ($30), a case for your Apple Wireless keyboard.

Yes, you read that right: this is not an iPad case. It’s a keyboard case. But it’s awesome. Here’s why.

It does two things: wraps snugly round your Apple Wireless Keyboard, ensuring it doesn’t scratch, or get scratched by, other objects in your bag. Unfolded, the lid becomes a prop for your iPad in portrait or landscape mode, thanks to a couple of ingenious folds and a simple hook-and-loop fastener.

Behold: you now have a lightweight laptop-like device for working on, but for a fraction of the price of a MacBook Air.

Your iPad slips into place as-is, even if it’s wearing another (thin-ish) case or sleeve. Switch on Bluetooth and start typing. When you’re done, fold the whole thing up and it will slip into your bag adding very little weight. For those of you whose work revolves around writing, this is an ideal lightweight mobile writing setup.

Its simplicity is beguiling. It’s remarkably sturdy, uses little space, and the built-in plastic clips keep your keyboard rock steady while you type. Despite the fold-out arrangement, the whole thing is surprisingly adaptable. I found it possible and comfortable to use this setup to type on my lap (although obviously it’s always most comfortable to use a table or desk).

The Incase Origami costs only £20 here in the UK ($30 in the US), which makes it considerably cheaper than most iPad cases and sleeves. For anyone wanting to do lots of typing on an iPad, it’s an accessory well worth the money. Recommended.

[xrr rating=90%]


All done and ready to work

Fix the Velcro at the back...



  • Michial

    Thats awesome. Perfect for the classroom. Lighter than an air and half the price.

  • buggietechnica

    Not unless I can use a mouse.

  • Fandoodeals

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  • Tt

    Wanna be asus transformer

  • iRockU

    it’s awesome…. until the velcro falls off after a month of very, very light usage.

  • doro86

    Its really good but if we have mouse then it become a perfect laptop.

  • Kai

    should have used magnets instead of velcro…

  • Ray Rana

    its a touch screen…lol

  • Chuck

    I have this keyboard case and before buying read all the reviews about the velcro so I was prepared to use my handy bottle of gorilla glue however I have had the case for 5 months and velcro is still holding firm. I love this case! It protects the keyboard in my bag and the angle is just  perfect when typing. 5 stars!

  • Dean Thompson

    Love the idea, would be good to include a mouse as well.  Then it would make the iPad a truly attractive alternative for use as a remote support machine for using with Citrix or Remote Desktop etc. Without the mouse and keyboard it is challenging to say the least, especially when you lose half the screen for the keyboard.

    If the mouse and keyboard was available I would use it over my Lenovo ThinkPad and the dodgy 3G dongle any day!

  • Behaviorguy

    Yeah, works great, except on your lap. fine for table or desk, but on the go, it’s just not designed sturdily enough…

  • Andrew Shipman

    But wouldn’t you still need a iPad case?

  • madhatter61

    I have been using the bluetooth apple kepboard with the above reference keyboard origami cover for over a year.  It works extremely well.  It also allows the iPad to be oriented in either Portrait or Landscape.  The viewing angle is perfect.  A flat solid surface is essential, however.  Clumsy on just your lap.

    I do have another protective case for the iPad2 as well.  Yes, two items, two cases.  I carry it all in a zipper case  anyway.  Convenient for me.

  • gilest

    I use one of Apple’s covers to protect the iPad. You can put the iPad into the stand with the case still attached and wrapped around the back of the iPad. Works fine.

  • gilest

    That’s not my experience. I’ve used this setup on my lap without any problems. 

  • eyeseeyou

    Would open up a lot more possibilities if apple built in an optional mouse pointer option.