IPhone Boom Mic Adds Sound-Sensitive Proboscis To Your iDevice



There are plenty of add-on lenses for the iPhone’s great camera, but if you’re shooting movies, the sound is still going to suck. The iPhone’s mic does a fine job of picking up sound, but maybe it picks up a little too much, or maybe it gets freaked out by a little wind and starts to sound awful?

What you need is a boom mic, and luckily Photojojo will sell you one specifically made for the iPhone.

The little four-inch iPhone Boom Mic plugs into the iPhone’s headphone socket and provides clearer, more focused sound. It clamps to the phone’s body, whether naked or clad in a case, and can be twisted and turned to point at whatever is making the noise you need to record.

The mic has two settings for grabbing sound from near and far, and runs on a single AAA battery. And if it does get windy, you can always cover this in a furry windscreen, or probably even just thread some cotton-wool balls over its silvery shaft.

And don’t forget, this will work with the iPad, too.

The iPhone Boom Mic photojojo costs $40, and is available now.

  • mr_bee

    This looks really cool and it a great idea but the only sound problems I’ve ever had with an iPhone is the wind-noise problem which this device would not solve, as there is no muffler.