The Ledge Is The First iPad Wall Mount That Won’t Embarrass You


The Ledge is beautiful enough for even the most stylish kitchen
The Ledge is beautiful enough for even the most stylish kitchen

The Ledge, from designer Chris Blackburn, is the first iPad wall mount I would actually consider buying. Instead of the usual bulky cases with matching wall-mounted bayonet, the Ledge is just what its name suggests: a solid aluminum ledge which sticks to the wall.

The Ledge can be stuck to pretty much any vertical surface — wall, fridge door, window — using the supplied 3M sticky strips. It can also be screwed into place for those paranoid about trusting their $800 tablet to a couple of sticky strips.

Once up there, it offers a minimal perch for your phone or tablet, with a channel cut into the CNC-machined body to stop the iPad from slipping off. I can totally see one of these on my kitchen wall. It’s way safer than the current home for my iPad, which is on top of a slippery, hastily-stacked piles of cook books.

The only problem I see is that you could easily catch the charging cable as you pass by. But then, the iPad 3 takes so long to charge you probably just plug it in overnight anyway.

Blackburn’s project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. $25 will get you a phone Ledge, and $50 will get you one for tablets. Hopefully we’ll be able to get one for review.

  • Jonathan Ober

    Apple needs to kickstart this and buy 1,000s for their stores. Just think now the iPad can sit up high behind the iMacs and Laptops on the walls showing videos in a continuous loop instead of laying flat on the table and taking up room.

  • Harry Peters

    It would be great if the iPad Ledge had magnets in it to hold the iPad securely. Like the Magnus iPad stand which I own and love and wish I could have on my wall! If this product makes it to the UK, I’ll definitely be buying more than one!

  • Srose428

    Looks beautiful, well made and designed, but 50$ is a bit steep for something that must cost less than 5$ to make. I know they have to buy the CNC machine, but as a kickstarter I feel the price should be much lower maybe 30$ and retail is 50$ when the product comes out. Got to say I really want one for my office though :)

  • Wayne Luke

    Needs something to secure the top of the device unless you live alone, don’t have people banging on the walls, possible earthquakes or anything else that will send it tumbling. I guess they figure that you’ll buy two, one for the top and one for the bottom.

  • Michael

    I guess I am not alone that looking at this as a iPad user gives me a mild heart attack.

  • vwgm

    Very nice design. If you would like integrated charging you will really like the iPad wall mounts from

  • RNDM_Design

    The LEDGE has relaunched on Kickstarter! We made some tweaks to the design and manufacturing process, and have been working with a new supplier. These efforts have reduced the price to $25!