News Media Giant Gannett Begins Arming Thousands Of Reporters With iPhones


Reporters at USA Today and other Gannett outlets begin receiving iPhones for mobile reporting
Reporters at USA Today and other Gannett outlets begin receiving iPhones for mobile reporting

News media conglomerate Gannett is making a big push for mobile reporting and they’ve decided that the iPhone 4S is the perfect tool to start with for journalists across the country. To that end, the company has equipped 1,000 print and broadcast reporters with new iPhones to use for on the spot reporting, editing, and broadcasting.

The initiative was announced in December and will eventually include iPads as well as iPhones, but it is just now rolling out after the company put journalists getting the handsets through intensive training in the use of the iPhone and of the handful of apps that Gannett has chosen for reporters to use.

Those apps include a range of Apple tools that ship with the iPhone as well as Apple and third-party tools from the App Store. Just what apps does Gannett feel are key to enabling great remote recording and reporting?

The built-in Camera app (not really a surprise)
iMovie for basic editing
Splice for some additional editing features
Brightcove’s Mobile Upload (Gannett’s platform of choice for its web properties)
Qik for live video streams

In addition to that list of specific apps, Gannett officials note that the App Store is filled with additional options that journalists may find useful. It also noted that camera mount-style accessories will also be available. The company also pointed out that for some shots, even the advanced optics in the iPhone 4S camera won’t be up to snuff. Recording high speed footage of a sporting event or taking detailed crime scene photos will still be the province of dedicated and more professional tools.

Gannett’s plan is actually even more ambitious. While the 1,000 iPhones are the first roll out of iOS devices, the company’s eventual plan is to equip thousands of reporters with iPhones and iPads.