Camera+ 3 Gets New Icon And Stacks Of New Features In Latest Update


Camera+ gets stacks of new features in latest update.
One of Camera+'s great new features is much-improved sharing.
  • jason

    Lock screen access would be #1

  • Mfoleyny

     Hmm…When touching the screen, I’ve been getting a burst mode that I didn’t ask for….and the burst setting is definitely not on.

    also, the shutter sound doesn’t mute.  I guess that only can be toggled by the external mute switch.

  • Eric

    The only thing I wud really find useful is the Create Web Link. And maybe the independent focus and exposure lock. Which has been part of King Camera app for a while. But for either app, I don’t like that you have to purchase in-app the rest of the filters. They should just hike up the price and have the app completely open. Its like they are conning you to buy their app at a low cost, then hit you with additional purchases. Which everyone does anyway.

  • speedmaster

    Very cool, my fav. photo app.