Cult of Mac Is Going To The First-Ever Consumerization Of IT In The Enterprise Conference



The iPhone and iPad have been core players in the so-called consumerization of IT. This trend that is transforming whole industries is both a challenge and an opportunity for IT professionals, managers, and individuals in just about every field out there.

The first ever Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) conference and expo as it kicks off this weekend in San Francisco. The conference is a unique opportunity to hear from IT and business leaders from every industry was well as vendors, experts, and end users that have jumped in and seized the reins of this new workplace phenomenon. On tap will be stories about innovation, case studies in successful mobile initiatives, and much more.

Cult of Mac will be there to give Apple fans and IT professionals access to a wealth of information about how to manage and leverage Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and OS X in the workplace. Along with Apple technologies, however, the conference will offer insights into how mobile technology, cloud computing, and bring your device (BYOD) programs are literally transforming the workplace before our very eyes.

The conference includes a wealth of information and advice for everyone involved in technology in the workplace – from the CEO to technology managers, to each and every individual with an iPad, Android phone, or Dropbox account who want to use them (or technologies like them) to get their work done faster, easier, and more effectively.  Check back starting on Sunday for all manner of insights and information.