Even An iPad Can’t Keep You Awake During The Game of Life


As if

Imagine buying a paper magazine (remember those?), only instead of pages it just has a cover and a hole in the middle. Into this hole you place your iPad, which you then use to read the magazine’s contents. Useless, right? But that’s (almost) exactly what Hasbro has done in a desperate attempt to bring its board games into the 21st century.

Hasbro is taking its dullest bored-games and trying to inject a little pizazz. These “zAPPed” versions are exactly the same as their cardboard-and-plastic counterparts, only the messy mechanics are taken care of using free companion apps.

The first of these time-wasters is the zAPPed Game of Life. You still get to move your player pieces around a board, but the iPad sat in the center is used to “spin, get paid, sue other players and make important decisions.”

Clearly the first “important decision” should be to shoo everyone else away and fire up Jetpack Joyride instead. Or just punch yourself in the face, which would also be more interesting than Game of Life.

The zAPPed game is available now for $25, and the iPad app is free.

But it gets worse. The boredom will rise in June when Monopoly gets zAPPed, and the ennui will crescendo in September with the release of Battleship. I can’t wait.

[Via Gizmodo]

  • FriarNurgle

    What fun is that? The best part of the game was constantly having to reattach the spinner.  

  • venasque

    I think that is an awesome idea.  The benefits of board games on the iPad is that all the fiddly stuff is taken care of for you.  I think this is a smart idea. 

  • Mike Rathjen

    One thing I’ve never understand is why board games everyone has heard of and sold in stores everywhere are really horrible, whereas board games most people haven’t heard of and sold only in little game stores are so damn awesome.

  • WVMikeP

    I hate that redesigned board.  Heck, it looks like it has fewer spaces.  I guess that’s what happens in this attention span-deprived society we’re in now.

  • remyngtin

    So very cool

  • CharliK

    board games on the iPad sure. but what they are doing is putting the spinner, chance cards etc on the iPad and making you still move around pieces and such. 

    instead of perhaps using a system like Game Center to link together players on two devices who lay out their battleships and make their moves etc and don’t even have to be in the same country much less room.