Former Dixons CEO John Browett Is Now Apple’s Senior Vice President Of Retail



Replacing retail genius Ron Johnson wasn’t an easy task for Apple. The company has been seeking a replacement since he announced he was leaving to become CEO of JC Penney back in June. But it seems it has now found its man, after announcing that John Browett, who has been CEO of Dixons Retail in the U.K. since 2007, is the new Senior Vice President of Retail.

Browett will report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook when he joins the Cupertino company in April, and it seems Cook is delighted to have him on board. Browett reportedly share’s Apple’s commitment to retail “like no one else [it has] met,” the company announced, and it is “thrilled to have him join our team and bring his incredible retail experience to Apple.”

Browett has held a number of executive position in British retail, including a spell at supermarket chain Tesco PLC, where he served as CEO for But taking over from Ron Johnson is likely to be his biggest challenge.

Johnson, who was with Apple for just under 11 years, was seen as the pioneer of its revolutionary retail stores and the world-renowned Genius Bar. With Johnson in charge, Apple’s retail stores saw record growth, and there are now 300 stores the world over.

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  • Jon Rendle


  • Jonathon Wilson

    Dixons stores are terrible… what. the. hell?

  • Andy Cowan

    This looks like a major own goal – Currys, Dixons, PC World are legendary for their appalling customer service and backward thinking. 

  • Stuart Bell

    Actually the shops are no longer called Dixons, because they had such a bad reputation for customer service and mis-selling warranties. So they changed the name to Curry’s Digital. Still have a c*** reputation.This is like the Savoy Hotel in London appointing the boss of RyanAir to head-up its customer service department.It’s like Rolls Royce appointing the head of Trabant (wiki is your friend) to run its retail division.It beggars belief that anyone in Apple could think he can bring anything to the company. Has any member of the Apple board ever entered a store in the Dixons group?

  • Stuart Bell

    And indeed he was CEO of – which is purely the on-line arm of the Tesco supermarket chain, so not quite as impressive as it might seem.

  • Al

    My local PC World and Currys (owner: Dixons Retail) has recently been refurbished, and some design elements are certainly inspired by the Apple Store design. Maybe its because at least one person in the company (i.e. him) recognizes how to do things properly?