Runkeeper Adds Nine More Partners in Its Quest for Complete Fitness Domination



Fitness buffs love Runkeeper (and its accompanying iPhone app) for its ability to gather data from a wide variety of cloud-based services and gadgets they might use, so it can be stored and viewed in a central location; we haven’t exactly counted, but it’s a good bet that the all-knowing fitness service can import data from more fitness apps, services and gadgets than any other cloud-based fitness service on the planet. But with the nine more they added today, well, now it’s just getting ridiculous.

Most notable among Runkeeper’s new partners is Scosche’s MyTREK, an unusual heart-rate monitor (and accompanying cloud service) that measures heart rate via a strap worn on the user’s upper arm, rather than the more common method of measuring heart rate via a chest strap.

The full list of nine partners announced today can be viewed at Runkeeper’s blog.