World Of Goo Attracts One Million Downloads On Mac & iOS


  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    These guys have done some amazing things with World of Goo over the years and this is just the topping on it. They got it on Wii, on Pc it was on every format including Linux all without DRM and they even had a ‘pay what you want’ sale.

    A million in the app store is just an awesome testament to the work they have done and I’m glad to see them get the recognition they deserve.

  • Carolyn Hayes

    I got this years ago on the Mac – and my kids and I love it. Repurchased so I’d have it on my iPhone. It is even better on a touchscreen. I Imagine iPad game play would be best.

  • tiresius

      Am I the only Cult of Mac reader who would really appreciate it if the writers somehow managed to inform the readers about the purpose of the App, new item, etc. in the headline or lead, so those of us unfamiliar with the central topic of the article wouldn’t have to go to the jump to learn that this is yet another thing we don’t give a damn about?