The Television Industry Is Scared Witless Of Apple’s iTV, Here’s What They Think It Will Be [CES 2012]


The specter of Apple's rumored iTV looms large over CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show has officially kicked off here in Las Vegas, and if there’s one thing every Mac fan should go into CES knowing, it’s that the whole television industry is petrified of Apple entering it.

As CEA’s Chief Economist and Director of Research Shaun Dubrovik made clear in his introductory presentation on the trends they expect to see this year at CES 2012, the whole television industry is scrambling. They are all trying to anticipate just what the heck Apple is going to do when they unveil their long rumored television, the iTV.

What are TV makers betting that Apple has up its sleeves? A bezel-less, ultra high resolution TV that runs apps and is controlled by a mixture of gestures and voice control and effortlessly interact with tablets and smartphones.

No wonder they’re scared: no one is better positioned to roll out a next-gen television that does all of the above things than Apple.


No Bezel: The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) expects that 2012 will see a number of new televisions that feature greatly reduced bezels. Specifically, they believe that Corning’s new second-generation Gorilla Glass technology will eventually eliminate the need for bezels once and for all. Apple already has an extremely tight partnership with Gorilla Glass, and ship hundreds of millions of devices a year with Gorilla Glass installed. Cupertino also has been rumored to have already designed an iPhone 5 prototype with larger screen real estate thanks to a reduced bezel. If Apple releases the iTV this year, expect it to go edge-to-edge hanks to Gorilla Glass 2.

Ultra high-resolution: The television industry is pushing 4K display technology this year, which quadruples the resolution of 1080p. Who better to pioneer a 4K television than Apple, a company which also pioneered super high-resolution displays in smart phones with the iPhone 4’s Retina Display?

Apps: The appification of HDTVs continues as briskly as ever, but if Apple enters the TV market, they bring the juggernaut of the App Store with them. TV makers simply can’t compete with that momentum.

Gesture and Voice Control: Dubrovik thought this would be an important enough trend in 2012 that he dedicated five minutes of his talk to the increasing complexity of remote controls, and he’s right: TVs are becoming full-blown computers, but they are still controlled with absurdly unintuitive, unergonomic button-laden wands. For TVs to embrace their promise as computers, there must be a breakthrough in the way they are controlled, and devices like the Microsoft Kinect and LG Magic Wand show the way forward with gestures… but TVs are still hopeless with voice control. The iPhone 4S’s Siri functionality is a serious threat to TV makers: it’s a wide-scale beta test amongst millions of users internationally of how the whole industry expects almost all modern televisions to be controlled in just five years time. Between Siri and gesture control, this is what Steve Jobs meant when he said he’d “cracked” the TV problem… and the whole industry’s pissing itself because they know he’s right.

Smartphone & Tablet Interactivity: What is there to say? The iPhone and iPad are the best-selling smartphone and tablet in the world, respectively. Anyone who buys an iTV is going to have one or both of these devices already, allowing a perfect, unfragmented union between remote and TV. That’s an integration between mobile devices and television that the rest of the industry will have a hard time touching, but which Apple has been laying the groundwork for in Airplay and Bluetooth 4.0 support over the course of the last year. TV makers who also make smartphones (like Samsung and LG) will have to play catch-up with Apple, while the rest of the industry will have to content themselves with partnerships and apps.

What’s the bottom line? From the get go, TV makers at CES are pissing themselves over the possibility that Apple will launch an iTV this year, and as device makers did at CES 2010 with “slates” in anticipation of the iPad’s imminent arrival, they are desperately trying to head off Apple at the pass. But Apple’s played this game before, and already has all the elements, partnerships and services in place to offer a truly futuristic, seamless integrated television experience.

TV makers? They’re screwed. And here at CES, our distinct impression is already know it.

  • Dan Blair

    It won’t be called iTv

  • Daniel Green

    Why does the media appear to ignore Apple TV already exists? Why would they need to make their own display when they can interact with what’s already in everybody’s home? Why would they go for their own display rather than an improved Apple TV with Siri and gesture control?

  • Daniel Green

    Agreed. Especially if they ever intend on going international; ITV is one of our primary channels in the UK. Their research team can’t miss that.

  • recyclops117

    Who cares what its called!! God damn every single article someone has to point out that the name iTV is used.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    Just curios, is that channel relatively knew or was it created after the whole i___ craze after the iPod was so successful?

  • Luis Dominguez

    Everything you mentioned in this article sounds like an expensive TV.  It sounds like it is out of my price range.  I like cult of mac to get info on stuff that’s coming out and all but I can’t stand these biased articles.  Isn’t it the point of a good journalist to look at it from an outside perspective and not be one sided?  I can really see where the name “Cult of Mac” comes from.

  • turbohand

    It was launched in 1955. I think it is safe to say that iTV predated the iPod’s success. :)

  • Shane Bryson

    The media ignores it because the current Apple TV is not even a market player. It’s probably the most worthless Apple product there is. It is too underpowered to get the job done and it isn’t “in everybody’s homes.” I have one. It collects dust, and I am among the most avid of Apple users. In order to be a real competitor in this market, Apple will need something completely new. A fully Apple integrated display that’s sole purpose is being the entertainment hub of your home, is the only way to do it. 

  • Shane Bryson

    I really, really wish someone would proof these before they published them. It embarrasses Cult of Mac, the journalist, and especially me as the reader. Please check it over.

  • hisshadow

    All good points, but no one is listening. Unicorn fever has gripped them all.

  • Anthony M Perez

    “The Television Industry Is Scared Witless Of Apple’s iTV”
    Why? Is Apple going to sue everyone of those companies too? You also might want to invest in a spellchecker, or at least a proofreader.

  • jasonradich

    I want one. Even if it’s called the Dan Blair.

  • imbenking

    I am predicting features like “Siri find me a comedy” or “Siri is Family Guy on?”

    “Do I have any dramas in my recorded shows?” That is where the magic will be! 

  • pk de cville

    I use my Apple TV instead of paying $100/mo for cable TV. I spend the savings on other Apple products. It’s pretty decent now and I am looking forward to its continued dvlpmnt.

  • freerange

    What a moronic post. This is an apple subject site. Further, the author is stating what he and the industry see as apple’s distinct advantages in entering this low margin, extremely completive market. What is it that you don’t understand about this. And since no one knows exactly what it will be, pricing is hardly an issue right now. When you look at how the iPad was so competitively priced, don’t you, in that large brain of yours, think that maybe they will do the same thing to the TV market?

  • freerange

    I beg to differ! The AppleTV is in constant use in my home for use with movies, tv shows, and playing music, including the brilliant internet radio. I do happen to have a library of 1,500 movies and shows however which makes it all the more valuable.

  • lb51

    Why should anyone be embarrassed? Move on and get over the trivial matters.

  • lb51

    I believe Apple TV has 32% market share and Apple TV owners rent 10% more than the competitors.

  • alishabell

    I dont’ think Siri and gestures is what Steve Jobs meant when he said he cracked the TV problem, the problem he was trying to crack was content delivery. He wasn’t to remove the cable and satellite companies from the picture and focus on an internet connected TV.

  • alishabell

    It’s only worthless to people like you who don’t understand all it can do. All Apple needs to do is market it better. But the Apple TV isn’t actually doing that bad.

  • Aj Tk427

    Hahaha 4k resolution, that’s laughable,

  • ericthehalfbee

    Have you ever wanted to find that show you recorded amongst the shows your wife or kids filled the PVR with?

    Why not “Show my my recordings” where it recognizes the user and then lists shows you specifically recorded?

    Or “Delete all recordings more than one week old” to clear space?

    Then I thought about it more. You don’t need to delete old shows since shows you’ve purchased/recorded would be in iCloud so you no longer have a “limit” based on a local physical hard drive.

  • alishabell

    Me too, canceling cable was one of the best things I ever did. I use my Apple TV for everything.

  • Everaldo Kurth

    I think if you use Siri on your iPhone for iTV through an APP is it right now possible.

  • Luis Dominguez

    Wow, Thank you for all the insults.  I understand I am on a Apple subject site.  Like I said earlier, I love to check out this site to check up on rumors, reviews, apps, etc…  As far as pricing, if we where to go off of what was listed in the article to be included features then I could not afford it.  A 4k TV from LG costs $10,000 so with that feature alone I know i couldn’t afford it.  And by no means am I saying that an iTV will have this feature just commenting on what was put in the article.  The iPad was pretty much the only tablet at the time so Apple set the price on that.  They didn’t have to compete with other companies on pricing yet.  Apple computers are expensive in themselves so why wouldn’t a TV from apple be expensive?  This site along with many other Apple subject sites are bookmarked in Safari for me, I as a Apple product user, can not stand all this Apple is far superior than anyone else stuff.  I love inovation and competition.  I think every company in there right way is just as innovative as Apple is.  You just seem to get upset if someone has an opinion counter to that of some Apple enthusiasts.   

  • Aj Tk427

    4K resolution…. that’s laughable. TV companies are only demo’ing this tech let alone whether we’ll see anything that is actually in bestbuy. Also, what content is going to show on this? Apple isn’t even streaming 1080p yet through iTunes, let alone 4K content.

    The iPad, iPhone are so succesful because they are relatively affordable. A 4K tv will not be affordable, and will not sell to the point where Apple would have a market dominate television. Would it be awesome, dam straight it would.

    Hell we haven’t even seen OLED TVs in a viable form to replace Plasma, LCD or LED tvs.

    Apps, certainly, Apple has a jugernaut here that will transform this space. Voice control, gesture control, yup Apple probably has something up their sleeve.

    Form factor will be beautiful of course.

    I’m not sure I agree with the idea that they are quaking in there boots. I’m sure they sure as hell want to know what Apple is doing, but they will need to compete really aggressively to have me consider replacing my tv with an Apple TV. I can get a 70″ sweet ass tv for 2500 bucks. 42, 46 55″ tvs that look amazing are selling for sub 1400 dollars.

    Yah I’m excited to see what Apple comes up with, but I’m still not 100% convinced Apple will be able to dominate. If Apple can win over the content providers and destroy my set top box from the cable company, then they’ve sold me, but 4K, gestrue contorl, apps are not what is going to dominate this market.

  • Aj Tk427

    4k is not an advantage if it makes a 42″ TV that is twice the price of a 70″ TV that has no content to display (what 4K content is there?)

  • techgeek01

    I see Microsoft going down the route far better than what Apple or Google are doing.  Yet nobody mentions this.

    xBox.  Yes, a game system. But FAR MORE than a Game system.  It’s like a Game system, DVD player and apple TV built into one.  Apparently the next generation xBox will have DVR capabilities.

    Why is the xBox a far better idea than the big honking Apple TV?  Because you have a box that is (fairly) reasonably priced, that can (or will replace) a lot of boxes underneath your TV, and is able to be plugged into any TV.

    Gesture and Voice control?  I believe that Microsoft Added gesture controls, but I do know for sure they added voice controls quite recently.

    People WON’T spend $2000-$4000+ for a TV. Well not the average person.  You will NOT sell many TV’s in that price range.  But an Xbox that is priced from $200 to $500 that can replace your DVD Player, your DVR box, your Apple TV (or equivalent) and your game system, that integrates heavily with any of your windows powered devices?  You will be lucky to find one on shelves for months.

    The future of the TV is NOT the Apple TV. Or the Google TV. Or any other Smart TV.  It’s the xBox.  Yes, it started off as a game system, but where it is going, it will be the center of the TV.  

  • Will Reed

    I feel like Apple’s biggest issue will be standing up with picture quality of seasoned TV makers.  The other major issue is Apple’s product cycle.  Most products are upgraded ever 1 – 1.5 years.  No one A. is going to want to spend $1500 on a 42 inch (assuming the 32/37 inch rumors are wrong) especially when a better version comes out every year.  I’m not sure how long the average consumer keeps a television but its a sizable amount of time.   But the idea of other companies pissing themselves is expected.  They should harness what they do well rather than try adapt.

  • Brasilmn

    The only true and yet sad part about Apple is that Steve Jobs is dead. Get it dead and fan bois of Apple like bloggers on Cult of Mac think Tim Cook will be Steve Jobs. Most bloggers are now calling the iphone and ipad boring. Apple has lost what it had when Steve died as with Microsoft when Bill Gates left.

    Fan Bois are looking for the next big thing from Apple and that didn’t happen with the iphone 4s other then Siri. Without Steve Jobs don’t expect much to come from Apple other then the same ole same ole. Tim Cook is not Steve and like any new Ceo, he’s going to try and make a name for himself and not get caught living in the shadows of Steve Jobs.

    The only thing Apple’s going to do is try and figure out, what would have Steve Jobs would have done? That my friend no one will ever know. There’s a new headmaster in town and his name ain’t Steve Jobs.

  • Shalin10

    I think most TV producers today release new TVs more often, they just confuse the user with totally diff model type, proving that it is a all new product when it just a minor improvement. Also, think about the confusing ‘series’ 3,5,6 (in case of Samsung). 

    Unlike Samsung or HTC, apple does not release 10 variants of almost the same product. 

  • Shalin10

    I think the focus would be an ecosystem for television, ad less approach to content and few other things that would actually change how we conceive television today. IMHO, It is not about just the hardware. 

  • poppa1138

    no matter what Apple do with TV it will still have it’s limitations, we have been promised interactive streaming media devices to our TV’s in the past with services like Hulu,BBC iplayer etc but they only work within their native borders,if you want to revolutionise TV give me a device that let’s me see content from around the world without limitations or borders, then I won’t have to connect my computer to the TV and use a VPN to get it..

  • Brandon Chang

    funny how just one line from the mouth of steve jobs has totally shaken up the world after his death

  • Fearless_fred

    That’s because John is being lazy and not doing even a little fact checking.

  • gareth edwards

    I like your thinking. Price is the key to adoption and (even though I am a Sony ps3 fan and an avid Apple fan) I see what MS is doing with the Xbox as the most sensible and pragmatic approach to the digital hub out of all of the major players.  I think Apple would be mad to try and lever a TV into the market, far better a plug-in appliance. The AppleTV should remain a box not become a giant monitor. Sayin’ that though, you just never know what will happen next….

  • ZeeKazim

    Amen to that!
    They should look out for the global market & meet the growing demand of international consumers. What would a super smart TV do for me if the only “smart” feature I could use is watching YouTube & scrolling through FaceBook?!

  • ZeeKazim

    Yeah, right!
    Apple – give me 1080p ATV streaming & iTunes rental with 3D content & THEN we can talk about this! Most TV makers have all those listed features built in & running already.. And who on earth would need a 4K resolution TV in his living room..?!

  • IrelandJnr

    In the words in Joshua Topolsky: “Have they ever asked people if they actually want 3D? 3D is a gimmick.” That’s the truth.

  • IrelandJnr

    IPTV won’t need a DVR.

  • IrelandJnr

    Totally, no matter the company downloading 4K TV Shows and Movies would take far too long to make any sense. You’d be cut off by your ISP before the first month is over.

  • IrelandJnr

    Exactly. The simplest UI you can imaging is a simple Bluetooth remote, they are half way there. Getting the content is their biggest hurdle and Bluetooth 4.0 solves the remove problem.

    Siri as the primary interface? Give it 20 years. Siri is too highly dependant on what accent the user has.

  • IrelandJnr

    You don’t record IPTV.

  • IrelandJnr

    It won’t be called iTv, it will be called iTV.

  • imbenking

    Who said anything about Apple TV being IPTV only? If it wants to compete in the living room it sure as hell should have a TV Tuner.

  • ddevito

    Yeah but no one’s buying a $2000 TV that talks, as I’m sure an iTV will be luxury priced like all Apple products, ’cause after all “Apple doesn’t ship junk”.

    I’ll stick to my superior viewing Samsung at half the price.

  • ddevito

    Yeah, until Apple ships it – then the whole world will beg for it. Please. iSheep cry gimmick until Apple has it, then it magically becomes necessary

  • ddevito

    JIves knows design, nothing about software.

  • ddevito

    Agreed – TVs are appliances, the average consumer won’t spend huge bucks on something that talks.

    Only iSheep will wait in line for 4 days to buy one.

  • ddevito

    watch out – iTVs will be spying on you.

  • BoneStamp

    > give me a device that let’s me see content from around the world without limitations or borders

    The limitation is not the device, the limitation is licensing. Content distributors license by region, so until that is changed you’re not going to see a device that can access all content equally.

  • ddevito

    It’s worthless because Apple treated it that way. Had they really put thought into it and kept it at $100 then I think they could really penetrate the market. Instead they’re trying to “reinvent” the TV when everyone who wanted an HDTV already bought one.

    TVs aren’t like smartphones and computers – people aren’t going to replace them after buying them 2-3 years ago. Apple is taking a gamble that won’t pay off this time.


  • David Ramsay

    Yes, September 1955, so it predates Apple and almost Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955)

  • ddevito

    Apple’s 5 years too late. HDTVs are already out and already past their price peak. Apple is coming in to a crowded market and will sell them too highly priced.

    Only the flock of iSheep will buy them

  • Cesar Florez

    no one is buying a $2000 tv? thats what steve Ballmer(CEO of Microsoft) said in 2004 about the Iphone. ” whose going to buy a phone thats $500 and has no keyboard??”. Apple fans will be apple fans, and if apple comes out with a $5000 ITv and only promises apps and gestures i will definitely buy it. just in case I cant come up with the money>? ill steal it from my brothers and sisters if need be. lol

  • Cesar Florez

    no one is buying a $2000 tv? thats what steve Ballmer(CEO of Microsoft) said in 2004 about the Iphone. ” whose going to buy a phone thats $500 and has no keyboard??”. Apple fans will be apple fans, and if apple comes out with a $5000 ITv and only promises apps and gestures i will definitely buy it. just in case I cant come up with the money>? ill steal it from my brothers and sisters if need be. lol

  • Seoung

    it’s funny that Ballmer said that line about $500 phones because the new Nokia Lumia 800 Microsoft Phones are well over $500 and one of the most expensive phone even with 2 year contract. That’s how dumb Ballmer is.

  • techgeek01

    So, all apple needs to do is make a brick that is shaped like a TV, has a $5000 price tag and an Apple logo on it, and all the Apple fans will run out and pick one up?  Gosh, no wonder why Apple is so damn successful!  All they need to do is make a brick, slap an apple logo onto it, charge out of the roof on it and Apple fans will blindly pick one up! 

  • 14ml337

    Which is why he isn’t doing software design?

  • Chris Bell

    If you haven’t noticed, Apple’s competitors have been unable to match iPad pricing for a while.  You are thinking about Apple computers.  Stop that.  Chances are that if they are going to enter this new market, they will do so in a way that allows them to secure superior pricing from vendors that makes it difficult for competitors to match or exceed pricing and arrive at the same quality of experience.  So, they will find several gotta-have features, and buy up all capacity from vendors that can produce those features.  Expect Amazon to start making TVs in a few years.

  • ddevito

    That is a fool’s perspective. They own the supply chain for the iPad – so as you mentioned – makes it difficult for competitors.

    The TV isn’t new, the HDTV isn’t new, and if you are paying attention to CES, the smart TV isn’t new (tons of Google TV vendors).

    Apple wont own the TV supply chain.

  • Renan Corte

    Don’t speak so soon… That’s what everyone said about the iPhone and look where we’re at now! 

  • Renan Corte

    That’s what everyone said about the cell phone supply chain… 

  • Chris Bell

    Apple didn’t invent the tablet.  There were many tablets before the iPad.

  • ddevito

    Okay, name me three as of 2010 before the iPad.

    No there weren’t.

  • digitizedsociety

    It will be a magical brick that is well designed and provides a pleasant user experience.

    – Apple fan

  • dt3

    I noticed you mention manufacturing a brick and slapping an apple logo on it. Unfortunately to manufacture a brick and slap an apple logo on it takes much more effort than you would think to manufacture a brick and slap an apple logo on it. You see to manufacture a brick then slap an apple logo on it you need to manufacture a brick then slap an apple logo on it, and then manufacture another brick then slap an apple logo on it, but not before you manufacture a brick then slap an apple logo on it with another manufactured brick with a slapped on apple logo, and finally
    manufacture a brick then slap an apple logo.   

  • digitizedsociety

    Top 10 Tablets from February 2008.

    Tablets have transformed since the iPad to resemble it, but before iPad this is what Tablets looked like.  Similar to   how the iPhone changed the look of the smart phone industry.

  • maethorechannen

    The iPhone was a revolutionary and at the time unique product. All the points above about the iTV are not particularly revolutionary nor all that unique (especially compared to crop of smart TVs coming out of CES).

  • Art Aquino

    It was the first relevant tablet. Its like they say, there is no tablet market, only an iPad market. 

  • ochjag

    Yeah. But we don’t know if the “Apple TV” is revolutionary or not because it doesn’t exist yet.

  • wardmundy

    But wait! We won’t be able to purchase rectangular TVs from Samsung any more because of some Apple invention. This should be fun.

  • ochjag

    Apple didn’t invent the computer either. IBM had manufactured dozens of them before Apple came along…

  • Chris Riley

    But, if an Android manufactorer blindly picks a grab bag of the latest technologies, quickly lumps them into a product and releases it, it’ll be hearlded (again) as the iPhone killer and the Android fanboys will laugh at how silly iPhone buyers are.

    What a great double standard. 

    Spend years on a ~single~ device, tailoring every component AND the OS directly to it, and it’s a dumb brick that only mindless idiots buy.

    Source parts from god knows where (lol @ 3d phones, really guys, really?), throw them into a phone knowing full well you’ll do the exact same thing in 3 months, and you’re a great company making fantastic products. (Also, attempt to drop support for devices as fast as possible. That’s another hallmark of a great company making great devices!)

    What a joke.

  • SupaMac

    my Samsung flat screen was $2000

  • ddevito

    And for that Samsung thanks you for being an early adopter.

  • ddevito


  • Matt Delaney

    “not particularly revolutionary”

    Voice controlled TV?  Apps?  No remote?  No bezel?  4x resolution?

    Are you kidding me?

  • SupaMac

    damn, you seem to be quite the soothsayer.
    can you give me some lotto numbers, all-knowing one?

  • ddevito


    37 42 50 0

    Three of those numbers will be iTV sizes. The fourth will be how many they sell.

    If their Apple cinema displays are $1000 what makes people think their TVs wont be at least $2000?

  • ddevito

    Ummm…I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to watch TV.

  • ddevito

    TV providers won’t allow it.

    G0d you iSheep are blind.

  • Dan Seals

    @ddevito:disqus – The problem here is, you’re making an argument you can’t lose. From your own description, they will make TVs, they won’t be revolutionary, and only Apple iSheep will buy them. Well congrats, even if they sell “millions” of TVs, those people are iSheep so you’re right. If they sell none, you were also right.
    I am going with 5% market share their first year. 11% the second year depending on how everyone reacts. That is a huge success for a market that’s already saturated. We can both bookmark this page and see how things turn out and come back and have a nice ‘I told ya so’ laugh.

  • Christian Valle

    Yes, that may be so. But I have a feeling they will revolutionize the television. Apple makes amazing products. I know the consumers won’t be disappointed. It’s better to be an “iSheep” than just a regular “Sheep.” The “i” makes a huge difference. HUGE.

  • Christian Valle

    The PS3 is better.

  • sdbryan

    There were vaguely PC style devices before the Apple ][ but none from IBM. The Apple ][ was introduced in 1977. The first IBM PC appeared in 1981.

  • sdbryan

    What? TV providers won’t allow Apple to include a TV tuner? How could anyone say anything that stupid? I suppose you meant something else and I just can’t decipher it from your drive by trolling style. Any company that wants to include an ATSC tuner in a device doesn’t have to get permission from any incumbents (it does have to be tested and approved by the FCC but that has nothing to do with “TV providers”).

    However, if you had a clue you would know that is an unlikely direction for Apple to pursue. The current Apple TV device does not include a tuner or any real provision for one. Elgato makes excellent software and hardware for TV broadcast standards worldwide that run on Mac OS X. But legacy technology like that and DVD, Bluray, Cable, Satellite are all unlikely to be part of an attempt to reinvent video unencumbered by its convoluted history.

  • Ed Smith

    I agree. I’m not convinced Apple will actually produce a TV per se, but instead will do a super upgrade to its Apple TV, including making it much smaller …. maybe like the just-announced Roku “thumb drive” that plugs into a TV’s HDMI input. Apple could sell a lot of iTVs, but they could sell way, way more super-Apple TVs.

  • Ed Smith

    Don’t worry …. Apple is not sleeping  while Samsung and LG steal their lunch. Per usual, Apple is slowly, surely and secretly working on revolutionary, fully integrated TV system and hardware. I’m not at all sure what exactly that will be, but I’m very sure they will once again re-invent the game.

  • Ed Smith

    This is only a guess …. but I think the present Apple TV is more a beta product for Apple and thus they’re not promoting it because they know there’s something much better coming out soon. Then they’ll promote the hell out of it.

  • Ed Smith

    Yeah … just like they knew how to listen to music before iPod and how to make a phone call before iPhone. 

  • Ed Smith

    You don’t know that Apple is well aware of all this??? And even more? And don’t be so sure you … or anyone else outside Apple’s inner sanctum … know what sort of TV product(s) they will actually create. Again, I’m guessing it will not be a TV at all.

  • Ed Smith

    You are expressing the exact same concerns … and lack of vision … that people expressed about Blu-Ray. 

    With new technology you gotta start somewhere and that almost always mean higher prices than present tech. The first plasma TVs cost $15-20K, were 42″ or less, only 720 rez, and although a big leap in picture quality at the time, today they are old clunkers compared to what’s now being introduced at CES.

  • Ed Smith

    Yeah, don’t you know that journalism and good English, spelling, grammar and writing are a thing of the past. It’s much cooler to talk and write like the urban under educated. 

  • Ed Smith

    The highest quality isn’t for everyone … but only because of the cost, not the quality. Fortunately tech toys keep getting better and cheaper. Meanwhile Samsung is putting out some great products.

  • Ed Smith

    And MP3 players were not new, nor the smart phone, and yet ….. 

  • Ed Smith

    What Apple “invented” was the first personal computer. 

    Anyway, I’d much rather be the best than first. And I don’t care who has the most market share. BMW surely doesn’t have top market share of the auto market …. and Rolls-Royce has only a very tiny share.

  • Ed Smith

    Re. Apple’s upcoming TV whatever: You and the I-love-to-hate-Apple crowd are now saying exactly all the same things that were said about Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad. You were wrong then and you’re wrong now.

    I’m ever amused by the large amount of time, effort and passion you guys spend at slamming Apple. It must be very frustrating and painful for you. 

  • Aj Tk427

    Yes but did Apple do that with the iPod touch? The iPhone? The iPad?
    Nope they were game changing devices that were reasonably affordable.

    Yes plasmas were $20,000 grand when first introduced, and yes 4K TVs are going to be super expensive when first released. However Apple will not release a 4K TV this year, and that’s my point. A 4k tv is going to be 10,000+ no one except the very rich will buy them and Apple will not be in the position in the TV market like they are in the phone, tablet and mp3 player markets, dominant competitor, and Apple has shown time and again that’s where ey want to be.

  • Aj Tk427

    It’s not a lack of vision, it’s the current state reality

  • IrelandJnr

    No no. It’s a gimmick regardless of what Apple does. 3D is a once a year popcorn festival. Watching 3D the whole time would get old very fast, besides, I personally prefer 2D because your imagination does the interesting part.

  • digitizedsociety

    I think Samsung will be fine as long as it doesn’t blatantly rip off what Apple releases.  Samsung is not innocent.

  • Vesko Kateliev

    Apple don’t tend to like producing devices for any sort of specific markets … at least Jobs did’t like it. If you think about it… All of the Apple products although a bit pricy are aimed exactly at the normal consumer/the masses: the iPod – made exclusivly for the masses, the iPhone – created with the only idea to set a new standard and be in everyones pocket (although they were proclaiming that they were aiming at 1% market share the first year which was just them being careful and modest.), the Mac/mac mini – although producing some more high level machines the most popular and sold products from the lines are exactly the normal-user-friendly configurations, Macbook pro/air – again some models for the high end user but as an over all created to dominate (the most sold notebook out there – macbook air). So except the Mac Pro which is a machine covered in rumors to be discontinued all of the existing product line is Mass Consumer Oriented. So that is basically saying a lot for the upcoming “iTV” (which is very doubtful name having in mind that they’ve tried already using it and it did’t worked because of the UK tv prodcaster). I don’t think Apple will try creating a TV costing 2000$ and if they do..  they will stuff it with innovative tech enough to trouble the competition at least for an year.
    Personally i think they would be very much better off going with a very extensive and exciting Apple TV box update. Because that is the way in which they could manage to aim at every household. There is already a “Smart” TV revolution going on and now if you want to be part of it.. you have to pay almost 2000$ for a new TV, but TV sets are not from the devices which people change every now and then. Ya.. You could change your phone every couple of years or even your computer if you want.. but I don’t think that people are very fond of buying new TVs all the time… In stead of trying to make a insanely great TV and try to manage a respectable price and wait 2 – 3 years to even stabilize themselves in an already stuffed market why not give the ability to all of the users having decent TVs to be part of this revolution and make them use your content for much more less. I think for them will be more clever to concentrate on what they’ve got. So imagine an Apple TV box costing 200 – 300$ or even 400$ :) having the Siri technology integrated in it, having the never ending iPad apps at its disposal (iPad – because of the higher resolution) and of course the iCloud right there too. And now imagine yourself playing Rainbow Six (or NFS, or RealRacing, or Dungeon Hunter or whatever you like) from the App store costing 1$ (not 50$) using your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch for controller… !!! now imagine yourself playing motion based games designed specifically for the new Apple TV using your iPhone/iPod touch device as a motion controller… So in that way they could be aiming in two different markets: the Smart TVs and the Game Consoles and… yes I know that the games on the PS3 are with killer graphics and could not compare to the mobile versions but the iOS games and especially the iPad Games have gotten pretty far and would be a great deal.. again for the masses… That is what I think… 

    About the iShe?p.. :).. yeah.. you actually tend to start trusting and preferring a company which keeps doing a great job in not disappointing you. It is true that Apple are not always THE BEST in EVERYTHING .. there are other great products out there… but nevertheless certain people are choosing Apple. This shows a line of trust between the company and their users, which is a very respectable thing, especially having in mind how hard that is to manage in the electronics industry… So the “iShe?ps” will be more and more.. at least till Apple manages to deliver… That reminds me of a favorite quote of mine…  “No one said that AUDI is a bad car, on the contrary … but Mercedes is and always will be Mercedes… How much of you people came with a Mercedes here today…”… Everybody wins from having competition but when standards are set .. and as long the parties are keeping up with them.. they are standards and that’s it… You don’t have to hate Mercedes if you have an AUDI.. as you should not hate Apple if you use Samsung products… After all its all about standards and the competitors to this standards … Apple managed to set the bar in certain areas and have done so in the last 5 to 10 years (in the different areas respectively).. and that’s the most important thing… Everybody compares to them, so don’t insult people calling them iShe?ps cause the competing companies themselves are like she?ps following a leader and that leader is Apple today (no matter you like that or not )…  tomorrow may be someone else… we never know.. 

  • Joey1058

    Bring it on!  The world needs mavericks.  Apple is a maverick!

  • Joey1058

    Bring it on!  The world needs mavericks.  Apple is a maverick!

  • BigNoseDog

    What I want most is to get rid of cable and stream TV through the Internet.

  • BlueCollarCritic

    The future of the TV is not in the TV device itself but the box that feeds the TV; what is currently performed by the Digital Video Recorder or DVR.  The WD (Western Digital) Media Hub is a computer media player for your HD Tv that has no, I repeat NO DRM or similar aritificial digital handcuffs.

  • Jason Mackay

    yeah but they’re doing it wrong :-) lol

    Sorry I couldn’t resist :-)

  • Jimmy Fukyushu

    Ok. The person who wrote this article has no idea what their talking about.   I’ll break it down one by one.

    No bezel – LG and Samsung already introduced this idea in their 2012 TV line up. Especially LG, their TVS have a 0.9mm bezel.  Apple’s 2nd generation gorilla glass? I dont think so. Apple will get its display’s from LG most likely and they use TFT glass. 

    Ultra high-resolution – Who better to pioneer a 4K television than apple??? Are you serious? Mr. Apple fan boy, 4K has been around longer than you think. Toshiba released their autosteroscopic TVs in 2011 that was 4k res, and LG’s 2012 LM9600 84 inch is also 4k res + 3D.@freerange:disqus
     Apple pioneering super high resolution dipslays in their mobile phones ? LMAO.  Apple bought their old iphone displays from Samsung (amoled) and now they buy from LG (AH-IPS) panels.

    Apps – Juggernaut of the app  store? Get real. LG and Samsung and many other TVs have had apps available and now Google smart TV will be available on the LG smart TV in 2012 running on android OS. 

    Gesture and voice control – Alright fan boy. Stop talking about Lg’s magic wand remote’s voice control. Have you used it? I have and it works perfectly fine. You are riding Apple way too hard here.

    Smartphone & Tablet Interactivity : “The iPhone and iPad are the best-selling smartphone and tablet in the world, respectively.”<— This is true but very uninformed if you use this standard to measure market share. iPHone sold the most phones because they only have one phone. Samsung sells way more phones than Apple if you include every single model they sell that runs on Android. Out of the MANY models Samsung model has, the Galaxy S2 sold over 30 million. iPHone will NEVER sell that much if they had as many other phones Samsung has.  Ipad sales? ok i give you that.

    Here is my bottom line:  NOBODY is pissing themselves over Apple’s TV. People buy TVs for the picture quality as the first and foremost criteria, features come along after that. LG OLED TV will be the best in 2012 in terms of picture quality and the Google Smart TV platform will have the best features and apps.

  • wbtittle

    4k resolutions are hand waving. If your television is 9 ft away, in order for 1080p to make a difference over 780p, the television has to be 55″ or bigger. The numbers just get worse after that. A 4K resolution monitor will need to be 110″ in order for you to tell the difference (although it might be more like 220″… ) There is a limit to our ability to detect pixels. The place that 4K resolutions come into play are things like computer monitors. If you are < 2ft from the screen those resolutions make a difference.

  • Jayson Osmars

    4k resolutions are hand waving. If your television is 9 ft away, in order for 1080p to make a difference over 780p, the television has to be 55″ or bigger. The numbers just get worse after that. A 4K resolution monitor will need to be 110″ in order for you to tell the difference (although it might be more like 220″… ) There is a limit to our ability to detect pixels. The place that 4K resolutions come into play are things like computer monitors. If you are < 2ft from the screen those resolutions make a difference.

    That’s pretty stereotying a lot of people if they see a difference or not. Also by that logic it’s saying we don’t see a difference with iPhone retina display, but people do. I have been craving for a retina tv because I can see a difference be it 55″ or 32″ standard to ED to HD and I can imagine how good 4k will be.

    Another analogy has been we don’t need more than 4GB of ram on a home PC, but it runs sooo much better when it does.

    Trust me, we will see a difference in the display even if the theoretic calculations suggest otherwise.

  • mreine

    Iphone is not the best selling phone in the world. Android phone’s are. Apple does not stand a chance.

  • Pedro Ortiz

    Where’s the 4K content? Extremely powerful gaming PCs reach 2K, HD cable TV is 1080p maximum with overcompression in comparison to Blu.
    What will be the bandwidth cost of 4K streaming and/or downloading?
    Apple was telling us there was no significance difference from 720 to 1080, you guess it, until they pushed 1080 on itunes. Considering exponentially diminishing returns, and myself having a 55′ 1080 HD TV where it is impossible to detect a pixel relatively close, i can’t see where this 4K push will be visible.
    And for the uninformed, Samsung integrated phone/tablet/tvs are already present in the market.