Apple Pulls First Subscription-Based iOS Game From The App Store [Updated]


  • CharliK

    As noted on MacRumors comments, Apple Corporate took the week off for Thanksgiving. So the lack of comments could be merely that no one has been in the office to get the request

  • KillianBell

    Very good point!

  • Al

    Game subscriptions can work!

    Why am I so sure? Simple, it’s been done before. Anyone remember The SEGA Channel?

    You paid 10 quid a month and had unlimited access to 50 different rotating Sega titles each month, downloaded to your Sega Mega Drive/Genesis through your Cable TV box. Personally I loved it, and it seemed magical at the time, which was back in the days before broadband Internet was available.

    I understand that at its peak it had over a quarter-of-a-million subscribers worldwide.

    So yes, game subscriptions are a viable and proven concept, and could be again if Apple can stop being an arrogant back-stabbing douche for 5 minutes.

  • HomerMargeBartLisaMaggie

    Good riddance subscription CRAP!

  • ironwolf56

    A WEEK off for Thanksgiving?!  Most places I’ve worked you only get the day off half the time (half get it off, half work that holiday, the half that do get it work Christmas instead).  Even the nice well-paying white collar jobs I get now we get Thursday and (sometimes) Friday off.  A week…wow I wanna work for a company that generous.