iBike Unveils New Case and Free Bike App Combo [Daily Freebie]



If you’ve got a bicycle and an iPhone/iPt, here’s a pretty interesting development: iBike, who earlier this year introduced a $200-plus kit that turned the iPhone into a sensor-linked cycling computer, has just released a $70 iPhone cycling package for riders who aren’t Gu-fueled cycling nuts; and it includes what looks like a stellar — and free — cycling app.

Thing is, iBike’s new $70 iBike Coach package is basically iBike’s $60 iPhone bike mount bundled with a six-month subscription to fitness-focused social media site Strava. The iBike Coach app, which is completely free, runs off your iDevice’s GPS (just like many other cycling apps) and doesn’t require Strava or the case to function; which is awesome, because the interface looks really, really cool.

  • Paul Mueller

    Does it map your ride too or is it just a fancy cyclocomputer?

  • Gmwheeler

    It does map your ride. It’s a little different however. Fun app and free. You should look into it.

  • Jenn

    These tend to run down your iPhone battery… in my experience. The battery is dead before you hit 50 miles. If you ride 50 miles. 

  • William Volk

    I use a dynohub and Bilologic’s Reelcharge to keep my iPhone running for long events (10hours or more sometimes).