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iBike Unveils New Case and Free Bike App Combo [Daily Freebie]



If you’ve got a bicycle and an iPhone/iPt, here’s a pretty interesting development: iBike, who earlier this year introduced a $200-plus kit that turned the iPhone into a sensor-linked cycling computer, has just released a $70 iPhone cycling package for riders who aren’t Gu-fueled cycling nuts; and it includes what looks like a stellar — and free — cycling app.

Need To Get From 1 Infinite Loop To The Mothership? There’s An iBike For That



Apple’s fast on the track of becoming the most valuable company on Earth, and as such, they’ve been expanding. As the number of their employees grow, however, so does Apple’s need for office space, which is why they just opened a new office for 1300 employees, and why they are going to be building a huge new spaceship campus that is bigger than the Pentagon.

But how will Apple employees get back and forth between all of these campuses for meetings and the like? Simple: meet the iBike, the only way to get between the mothership and 1 Infinite Loop endorsed by Steve Jobs.