How To Jailbreak Your iPad 2 Right Now!



While the release of JailbreakMe 3.0 is expected to be imminent, those of you struggling to wait any longer can now set up your own web-based jailbreak for all devices running iOS 4.3.3 and below. Here’s how!

JailbreakMe 3.0 was prematurely leaked last week after after a beta tester posted a link to the service online. Shortly after it went public, the website was taken down and the jailbreak was no more. However, Ryan Vanniekerk managed to get his hands on the magic files behind the service, and has published a how-to on his blog that details the process of setting up your own web-based jailbreak

After a bit of digging I happened across a relatively inconspicuous comment that lead me to believe that the “unable to download jailbreak files” was attempting to connect directly to Comex’s server (located at in order to download the existing jailbreak files. However, the files attempting to be downloaded were the exact same files that had already been leaked earlier in the day, they simply existed in a separate location.

My first thought was to spoof a local webserver with the same IP that the jailbreak is connecting to in order to make it look for the files there instead. After a bit of tinkering around I finally managed to bypass the 403 error and successfully jailbreak my iPad 2!

Vanniekerk set up his jailbreak on a Mac, but believes it could be easily tweaked to work with Windows computers as well.

For the full tutorial, including the files you’ll need to make your jailbreak work, check out Vannieker’s how-to on his blog.

Please be aware, however, that this jailbreak is still unreleased for a reason. You may experience problems with your device after performing this jailbreak that may not be easily fixed. Therefore, please be sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt this.

If you do go ahead and try it out, let us know how it goes by leaving us a comment!

  • appledrunk

    You might as well hold off for another few hours and wait until the final version is released today.
    Comex has stated those leaked files are from an early beta.

  • Brilliant_Thinker

    I would like to know where to get that wallpaper.

  • Mike Ibraham

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  • Mike Ibraham

    Using Fake Subject, U Suck, now u gonna gather all traffic to this scam page, Mr Author, its lame to do this.

  • gmhotch

    what’s the big deal with jailbreaking something that doesn’t need to be broken….?

  • Doug Williams

    +1.  was wanting that wallpaper as well.   Please provide details

  • wes


  • J C

    I did this yesterday and it works perfectly!

    If these files are from an “earlier beta” then he should have released it since it works without any issues whatsoever… I have not encountered a single error and have successfully loaded at least 10 apps from Cydia – 16GB WiFI Only – 4.3

  • neodorian

    People like to own their stuff. When you don’t have root access you can do many things but not all. Think of it like this: what if you bought a house. The house is beautiful and well built and priced competitively with the rest of the market…the only downside is that when you buy the house the seller doesn’t give you the key to the dead bolt. He tells you that he can guarantee that your key can open the locks on every part of the house except the sub basement which you shouldn’t need to get into anyway since you aren’t a plumber or electrician.

    Would you or would you not want the key to that sub basement dead bolt? I personally would because if I buy the house I would like access to every room even if most people don’t feel the need to go into every room. Likewise if I want a root/superuser account on a computer I purchase I should be able to get one. My iPad is mine, not Apple’s. The idea that they can keep me from having an admin account on my own tablet computer is complete bullshit IMO.

  • Khanh Nguyen

    Tried it. 4.3.3 64GB Verizon. Guess what? 1/2 of it worked. The jailbreak worked. Wireless IP assignment no longer works and Verizon 3G no longer comes on. I knew what I could get into when I tried it. I am not upset. I just wanted to see. I can always restore or wait to re-jailbreak when COMEX releases the final version. Looks by his tweet the 4.3.3 will come first :) We will see. I knew the rules of engagement and I accept the outcome :)

  • Jon Sim

    it’s out people go to :D

  • Aleks