Screeeee! Vroom! KABOOM!! Dangerously Addictive Death Rally Now Temporarily Free [Daily Freebie]



There’re absolutely zero reasons not to get this incredibly slick, fly-by-the-seat-of-you-pants remake of the 90’s classic racing shooter Death Rally iOS game unless you hate fun or you’re dead.

The game puts you at the helm at any one of a handful of cars that you can access once unlocked, then pits you against five other drivers in a seemingly endless succession of explosive, frenzied races. It’s slick, gorgeous, incredibly fun to play and filled with little details that’ll make you squeal like a hamster with delight. Almost certainly the most fun to be had on the iPhone for free; and because it’s a Universal Binary app, it looks stunning on the iPad.

It’s not going to be free forever though, so floor that pedal if you want it.

  • GrimWit

    Saw it, grabbed it… vroom!  rat-a-tat-tat!

  • mahimahimahi


  • zachkarpinski

    I just checked this out and it cost $0.99.  The search result said free, but the app page listed a price.  Very odd, bought it anyway.