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Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy Gear? Here’s What The Reviews Say [Roundup]


Samsung’s Galaxy Gear has been on sale for a number of weeks now, but today the South Korean company lifted its embargo on reviews. If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not you should spend hundreds of dollars on one, then, now’s the time to find out.

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a roundup of the biggest and best reviews so you don’t have to trawl through them yourself.

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Change Up Your Style Easily With The Modify Watch [Deals]

CoM - Modify1

I haven’t worn a watch in a while. I’m used to using my iPhone as a way to check the time when needed and I wasn’t a fan of having to have a watch that would be suitable for going to the beach and one for more formal occasions – or try to find one that would be versatile enough for both.

Then Modify Watches sent me one of their watches and my problem has essentially been solved. And right now they are offering Cult of Mac readers a 50% savings on a watch face and two bands – just $35.

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Nanox Watch Kit: A Stylish Watch Converter For iPod Nano [Deals]

CoM - Nanox

A lot of people were saddened when the new iPod Nano sported a design that was no longer “watch-like”. That meant that the idea of making a watch out of the device was no longer an option. But with this Cult of Mac Deals offer, iPod Generation 6 owners get a stylish, hands-free solution in Nanox. And it can be had for just $34.99 – and this sale price includes the cost of shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

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19% Of Consumers Say They’ll Buy The “iWatch” Before It’s Even Announced


A new survey conducted by ChangeWave Research has found that 19% of U.S. consumers say they’re likely to purchase Apple’s much-anticipated “iWatch” if and when it becomes available. The demand has been attributed to “Apple’s track record of delivering ultra-convenient, easy to use products with perceived ‘cool factor’.”

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WSJ: Microsoft Designing Smartwatch To Compete With Apple, Google, Samsung

What a Microsoft smartwatch might look like.

What a Microsoft smartwatch might look like.

Microsoft is designing a new smartwatch that could allow it to compete with upcoming devices from the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company has already asked suppliers in Asia to ship components for the device, which will reportedly boast a “touch-enabled” display.

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App for Martian Watches Unlocks More Promised Potential Like Camera Mode, Twitter Mentions


Hold the phone! Or, rather — don’t. Martian Watch models see much of its promised potential unlocked With the launch today of iOS and Android apps, just ahead of their estimated ship date(s).

The app finally adds two major features to the watches — remote camera control and social media updates — along with a few smaller ones.

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Google Has An Android-Powered Smartwatch Up Its Sleeve [Rumor]


The Google Glass project has been in the news a fair bit in recent months, but it seems Google may have another wearable gadget in development that’s been flying under the radar. The Financial Times reports that just like Apple and Samsung, the search giant is working on its own smartwatch that will act as an extension to the smartphone.

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The iWatch Will Run iOS, Have 4-5 Day Battery Life [Report]


Following Bloomberg’s report that the iWatch is a project Apple wants to deliver this year, the Verge has an interesting report saying that the iWatch project is being lead by Jony Ive himself, and that it will run a full version of iOS.

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What Delay? Pebble’s iOS App Is Available Now, Android Version Coming Later Today


The first batch of Pebble smartwatches began shipping on Wednesday, nine months after the device broke Kickstarter records by securing more than $10 million in funding. Reports had suggested, however, that the accompanying Pebble iOS app would be delayed due to Apple’s approval process — but it just appeared in the App Store.

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Evado Filip’s VIVOPlay Lets You Track Your Child’s Location [CES 2013]

Evado Filip’s VIVOPlay Lets You Track Your Child’s Location [CES 2013]

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013

The VIVOPlay, a new device from Evado Filip, combines a watch with a phone in order to keep your children safe when wearing the device. The VIVOPlay, which uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and GSM for location tracking, is specifically set up to help parents and their children stay in close contact in the case of an emergency.

The VIVOPlay works with a iOS and Android app to give you full control over the device’s capabilities. The parent can set up to 5 “safe zones” that define boundaries within which their children should stay. If something goes wrong and the child leaves the zone while wearing the device, the parents will be alerted to the activity.

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