Change Up Your Style Easily With The Modify Watch [Deals]


CoM - Modify1

I haven’t worn a watch in a while. I’m used to using my iPhone as a way to check the time when needed and I wasn’t a fan of having to have a watch that would be suitable for going to the beach and one for more formal occasions – or try to find one that would be versatile enough for both.

Then Modify Watches sent me one of their watches and my problem has essentially been solved. And right now they are offering Cult of Mac readers a 50% savings on a watch face and two bands – just $35.

You’ll note in the picture below that I received a watch that has a green face (I’m a Green Lantern fan, after all) and a green band.

CoM - Modify Watch

I was also given a beige coloured band, for those instances where I want to tone things down a bit. It’s easy to move the face from one band to the other, and the bands are both pliable and durable enough to handle regular switching. With this deal you’ll get exactly what I did: one watch face of your choice and two watch bands of your choice.

This deal requires 3 simple steps:

  1. Pay $35.
  2. Choose your favorite watch face from over 30 stylish options.
  3. Select two interchangeable straps that will compliment your chosen watch face.

Living on the west coast – and only a stone’s throw away from the water – the water-resistant nature of Modify Watches is really appealing. Admittedly I am using the green band a lot more often as I tend to do more active stuff than not these days, especially with the weather improving.

Here are some of the features of the Modify Watch:

  • Modify Watches are built to last. Modify Watch faces are made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Modify Watches use ultra-smooth, light-weight, and durable silicone straps to create an incredibly comfortable touch.
  • Modify Watches are water-resistant. As I mentioned, Modify Watches are water-resistant. Shower, swim, surf, with confidence – these watches are good for up to 66 feet.
  • Modify Watches are designed for men and women. Modify Watches come in two sizes that look great on men and women alike.
  • Modify Watches offer hassle-free repairs and exchanges. The manufacturer will fix or replace your watch if it stops working on its own. Even if you don’t love the colors you pick out just shoot Modify Watches a note and they’ll help you out.

I actually wear my Modify Watch for those activities where I don’t want to bring along my iPhone – that way I don’t have to worry about where it might be if I want to play with my kids on the beach or something similar. I’ll often wear it and simply bring along my trusty notebook and pen to capture thoughts that may come to mind rather than be connected to the rest of the world through my iPhone. That may not necessarily be a feature of the watch, but it is a pleasant side effect.

There’s a lot more to this deal (which you can read about over at the Deals page), but one of the things that makes this deal one I’m fond of is that you get a great watch of your choosing for whatever occasion you may need to have one for. It’s one of the most customizable offers Cult of Mac Deals has had to date, and I strongly suggest you take advantage of it while it lasts – which won’t be for long.

Head over to the Deals page now and pick up this offer from Modify Watches for just $35 while you can. Time is – fittingly – of the essence, so don’t delay!