Pay what you want to learn comprehensive coding for the web [Deals]


A key to being a successful coder is having as broad a knowledge base as possible — the more you know, the better you code. With all the languages, platforms, and frameworks in the web development world these days it can be hard to know where to start, but with the Pay What You Want Web Hacker Bundle deal at Cult of Mac you can get a ground-up tour of the most in-demand tools and techniques any modern coder needs.

Going fast: a lifetime of online security from VPN Land, now 75% off [Deals]


If you use the internet (we’ll go ahead and assume you do), you’re inevitably vulnerable to all sorts of sneaky advertisers and downright thieves trying to take your data, your money, even your identity. We all hate thieves (again, let’s just assume you do), but few of us lack the know-how to make our connection to the internet more secure, making VPN Land’s Lifetime Subscription a great option – and also a great bargain at $49.00.