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Jimmy Fallon And Billy Joel Improvise Fabulous Doo-Wop Using Only An iPad [Video]

Since taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon has brought in a host of stars to sit down and goof around with him in the studio. Last night was no exception as singer Billy Joel stop by and the pair form an improvised Doo-Wop group using nothing more than an iPad app.

They got a bit of help from The Roots to really bring it home at the end but for only mixing it up on the spot with an iPad even Tim Cook himself was impressed.

Apple Seeds OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 Beta 3 To Developers


Apple is releasing new Mavericks betas like clockwork with the last three coming one week apart from each other. Developers can now download the latest Mavericks update, OS X 10.9.3 beta 3 from the Mac Dev Center or via Software Update.

The first OS X 10.9.3 beta added support for a full range of Retina scaling modes for 4k monitors. The other have mostly focused on bug fixes with the latest seed note asking devs to focus on graphics drivers, audio, Safari, and contacts & calendar sync over USB in iTunes.

An iTunes 11.1.6 beta was also released this afternoon to devs that restores the ability to sync contacts and calendars to USB after Apple removed the option in favor of an iCloud-only approach.

The Hero Cupertino Deserves: Christian Bale Is David Fincher’s Choice To Play Steve Jobs


Few CEOs can hold a candle to the wrath and fury of Steve Jobs, but when it comes to epic rants, Christian Bale can certainly hold his own against el Jobso, which might make him the perfect person to play Steve in the Aaron Sorkin written film from Sony.

Director David Finch is keen on getting the Dark Knight into Steve’s black turtleneck, according to a report from The Wrap, which says the director has pegged Bale as his top choice to play Steve Jobs.

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How To Keep Up With March Madness On Your iPhone, iPad, And Mac


It’s that time of year when office work comes to a stand still for weeks thanks to the NCAA’s annual celebration of sweat, leather, and nylon nets. The first games have just gotten underway and thanks to the glorious blessings of technology there are more ways to follow the March Madness action than ever before.

Here’s how to keep track of your favorite teams and your brackets on your iPhone, iPad and Mac:

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Apple Should Add This Simple ‘Search Settings’ Feature To iOS 8


The Settings app in iOS is starting feel a bit crowded as each new update seems to bringing new tweaks and options to the main board and deeper menu. Control Center added quick access to key parts of the Settings maze, but we wouldn’t mind if Apple added this simple ‘Search Settings’ feature to iOS 8.

Rather than plunging multiple steps deep into the Settings app, this concept from Christoph Fahlbusch would bring the pull-down search bar into the Settings app, making it consistent with the ‘Search iPhone’ UI. It’d come in handy for quick tweaks, especially for less advanced users who are still trying to figure out where to turn on emjois.

Pandora Bumps Up Price On Its Ad-Free Streaming Service


iTunes Radio still has a long way to go before it catches up with Pandora’s number of subscribers, but in an effort to keep up with increasing royalty costs, Pandora announced this morning that it’s bumping up the monthly subscription price for Pandora One.

Starting in May new subscribers will have to pay $4.99 per month if they want their music stream ad free, which is still cheaper than competitors like Spotify and Rdio (both $9.99 per month).

Apple’s alternative, iTunes Radio is ad-free with $24.99 annual iTunes Match subscription, but Pandora is deciding to just drop the annual subscription option altogether.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing changes:

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LA Teachers Are Angry District Spent $1 Billion On iPads Instead Of Repairs


Maybe if students are staring at iPads they will be able to forget about cockroaches

The LA Unified School District made headlines when it pledged to make it rain iPads on students by spending $1 billion on Apple’s tablets, but teachers are more concerned of the rain leaking through their classroom roofs.

The school district’s initiative is aimed to enhance students educational experience but a number of angry teachers have started a ‘Repairs, Not iPads‘ page on Facebook filled with pictures of everything from rat feces on desks, broken toilets, dead mice, termite infestations, leaky roofs and more, along with a demand that district spend money on much needed repairs before iPads.

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Tim Cook Says ‘Haunted Empire’ Book Is A Bunch Of Nonsense


Dozens of books have been written about Apple and Steve Jobs since the latter’s passing in 2011. None have painted as grim a picture for Apple’s future as Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs by Yukari Iwatani Kane, but in a rare public statement Tim Cook has come out to bash the book, calling it simply “nonsense.”

In our review, Luke Dormehl says Kane’s book was a missed opportunity that ultimately falls shorts, but Tim is a bit harsher with his criticism, saying Haunted Empire¬†doesn’t properly capture Apple, Steve, or anyone else in the company for that matter.

Here’s the money quote from Tim:

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Apple TV Gains New ACC Sports Channel


The best basketball conference in the country just got a front row seat on the Apple TV thanks to the new ACC Sports channel added to the device’s lineup Monday morning.

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The App Store Now Has A Section Devoted To Selfie Apps


Taking a selfie used to be a simple as firing up Instagram and unleashing your best narcissist, but now with so many options, what’s an iPhone user to do?

To help you out on your quest for the perfect selfie, Apple just introduced a new Sharing Selfies section to the App Store to promote apps like Picr, Frontback, Snapchat, Selfie Cam and eight other apps that will having you looking picture perfect.

The Selfie Sharing section can be found on the front page of the App Store on iOS and iTunes. Most of the apps are free while stuff like Front Flash and Everyday will set you back $1.99.