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OS X Yosemite Public Beta 3 and Developer Preview 8 are now available


Apple has made the third public preview of its upcoming OS X Yosemite operating system available to the one million beta testers via its AppleSeed program.

OS X Yosemite Preview 8 Build 14A361c has also been seeded to developers and is available for download in the Mac App Store or from the Mac Dev Center along with a new version of Xxode 6.1 beta 2 and Apple Configurator 1.7 beta 6.

Apple’s note to developers doesn’t mention the addition of new features, but does state that SMS Continuity has been removed from testing, but it will be available again in October via a free update to iOS 8. The note also states that only iPhoto 9.5.1 and Aperture 3.5.1 will run on OS X Yosemite Preview 8. We’ll update you with any new features we find once we get the new preview installed.

Apple launches site to help you remove U2’s free album forever


Apple’s historic launch of U2’s new album Songs of Innocence to 500 million iTunes users hasn’t exactly been well-received. After less than 1 percent of iTunes users downloaded the freebie album on the first day, Apple shoved it down users’ throats by automatically downloading to devices withdisastrous results.

Now, after everyone’s had a weekend to cool off, Apple’s offering users an innovative solution in the form of a support site dedicated to teaching iTunes users how to pry U2’s spam album off their Mac or iPhone for good.

Here are the steps Apple recommends:

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This is what 93 tons of iPhone 6s on a Boeing 777 looks like


Workers load 93 tons of iPhone 6 units onto a China Southern Airlines Boeing 777 flight headed to the U.S.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shattered Apple’s previous records and the 4 million customers ready to caress every square inch of the big and bigger screens will be happy to know that the first planes from China have already touched down in the U.S. with iPhone 6 cargo.

A China Southern Airlines Boeing 777 was spotted by China Daily as 93 tons of Apple iPhone 6s were being loaded onto the plane in Central China’s Henan province before it headed for Chicago, Illinois, and other American pilots have even posted pictures of their iPhone 6 payloads from inside the fuselage.

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Rock your weekend with U2 and this week’s top iTunes picks

Square reportedly turned down $3 billion offer from Apple


Apple put mobile wallet payment platforms like Google Wallet, Square and PayPal on notice this week with the reveal of Pay, but before Cupertino decided to launch its answer to the wallet, sources tell TechCrunch the company was eyeing an acquisition of Square.

Square’s simplistic payments platform seems like it would have been the perfect fit for Apple and would have added “Next Steve Jobs Nominee” Jack Dorsey to its loaded executive ranks, but after Apple executives failed to put enough cash on the table, Square walked away from negotiations.

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PopKey replaces your iOS 8 keyboard with a GIF control panel


GIFs are one of the finest gifts God has given the internet. I can’t get enough of them. And once iOS 8 drops it’s going to be easier than ever to have non-stop reaction GIF conversations with friends.

PopKey is a third party keyboard that will replace those useless letters on your keyboard with your favorite GIFs.

You can search for GIFs by keyword and paste them into messages without ever having to leave your conversation. The app will come with access to thousands of GIFs, but you can also upload your own if you want. And now that iOS 8 automatically deletes old messages, you don’t have to worry about them hogging your storage.

Here’s a closer look at the keyboard in action:

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AT&T won’t support iOS 8’s Wi-Fi calling feature until 2015


One of the best underrated features of iOS 8 is the addition of Wi-Fi calling, and while carriers like T-Mobile and EE have been quick to jump on Apple’s new technology that makes transition calls from LTE to WiFi seamless, AT&T is dragging its heels and says it doesn’t plan to enable the feature until 2015.

AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega doesn’t see an urgent need to add WiFi calling, reports LightReading, after attending Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference where Ralph said AT&T will only add Wi-Fi calling 2015 as a compliment to VoLTE and 3G voice.

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U2 manager hints at new album format in development at Apple


U2’s partnership with Apple created the biggest album release ever this week with over 500 million iTunes customers receiving Song of Innocence for free, with just one bromantic touching of fingers, but according to U2’s manager, Guy Oseary, the band has even more plans in development with Apple.

Giving away U2’s album for free also proved how worthless the album format is nowadays thanks to iTunes indomitable ability to sell single MP3 files faster than McDonald’s can spit out beef patties, but in an interview with Billboard, Oseary hinted that Apple and U2 are working on a new formats to consume music too.

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Crystal Baller: Biggest winners and losers in the iPhone rumor game

How to make typing  on iOS as easy as :)


Apple Watch. Apple Pay. Apple TV. Apple has gone crazy for, uh apple.

Not a single new “i” product was revealed on Tuesday, which is a good thing according to the guy that invented Apple’s i-conic naming structure, but kind of annoying when repeatedly referring to Apple Watch in texts.

Apple’s own marketing materials shorten the name by using “Watch”, which is super easy to type on OS X  by pressing Option + Shift + K to pull up the  character, but typing it on an iPhone or iPad is literally impossible. Luckily, our friend Adam Christianson at MacObserver has a quick tip that puts the  on your iPhone keyboard with simple shortcut.

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