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Apple Watch ship times slip immediately, angering sleepy shoppers

You can finally pre-order the Apple Watch of your dreams, but if you want one ASAP skip the Space Gray or fancier models.

Shipping times for the Apple Watch have already slipped into May for the Apple Watch Sport, while some of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition models won’t ship until June or even August.

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Here’s what it’s like to try-on the Apple Watch at stores


Apple Watch signage at the Shenzhen Store. Photo: Charles Melber

Apple Watch pre-orders just went online, but if you’d like to go try-on Jony Ive’s amazing timepiece before you buy it, you can now schedule a one-on-one appointment to go through the different models.

Apple Stores have been outfitted with new viewing tables and demo stations for the pre-order launch. Reservations only last 15 minutes, (unless you’re buying the Apple Watch Edition), but that should be enough time to find the right case and band combo to match your style. Some readers overseas have sent us pictures of their Apple Watch try-on sessions.

Take a look at the store makeover:

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You can now preorder your Apple Watch

Photo: Apple

Photo: Apple

It’s officially April 10th on the West Coast, which means the Apple Store is now open for Apple Watch preorders.

The Online Apple Store is still down for some visitors, but we were just able to place an order for the Apple Watch Sport 42mm Silver Aluminum Case. Shipping estimates are already slipping into May so you may want to hurry and get your order in sooner rather than later.

The Apple Store iOS app seems to be the easiest way to get an order in right now while the website is down. You can also schedule a try-on appointment to try on watches through the website or iOS app.

Apple says blanket ban on hiring ex-felons isn’t true

Photo: Buster Keaton in The Goat

Photo: Buster Keaton in The Goat

The construction of Apple Campus 2 came under fire earlier this week, after the Mercury Times reported that Apple had a blanket ban on hiring ex-felons. However, Cult of Mac has learned that such a ban never existed.

“We believe in opportunity for everyone, and Apple has never had a blanket ban on hiring people with felony convictions,” an Apple spokesperson told Cult of Mac.

Some ex-felon applicants were turned away within the past seven years, because of a part of the background process. Those restrictions are now being lifted though, as Apple says it’s recognized that “that this may have excluded some people who deserve a second chance.”

Here’s the full statement from Apple:

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Apple Watch takes on power drill. Guess who wins?

Photo: iPhonefixed

How tough is Apple Watch? Photo: iPhonefixed

To make the most personal device ever, Apple is using sapphire glass for the Apple Watch to make its display more durable. None of the reviews we read yesterday complained about scratches on their Apple Watch, but iPhoneFixed managed to get its hands on a 38mm Apple Watch display and put it through a barrage of tests.

Apple Watch’s glass stood strong during tests with keys, sandpaper, and even a hammer. Then the crazy nerds busted out a power drill to and throttled it on the glass. The results might shock you.

Check out the glass after the test below:

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Forget Apple Watch, we want this retro Apple II Watch


Can your wrist handle the Apple II Watch? Photo: Aleator777/Instructables

We’re eagerly counting down the last few hours until we can preorder the Apple Watch, but I think I may have found a new love for my wrist: The Apple II Watch.

The brilliant folks over at Instructables unveiled a retro Apple Watch styled after the Apple II computer. If Apple made a smartwatch back in 1985, this would be it. The amazing device actually works and you can make one yourself.

Check out its incredible features:

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10 reasons why the new MacBook isn’t for you

The new Macbook. Photo: Apple

The new Macbook. Photo: Apple

The new MacBook goes on sale this week, and while the first reviews have raved about its incredible design, unbelievable thinness and jaw-dropping display, it’s probably not for you.

While early critiques might have alleviated concerns that the new MacBook’s CPU is about as powerful as a 2011 netbook, there are a few other issues you should know about before you rush to the Apple Store to snap up a shiny gold MacBook.

These are the new MacBook’s 10 biggest flaws:

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First reviews: New MacBook is gorgeous, but limited 

The new MacBook reviews are in. Photo: Apple

The new MacBook reviews are in. Photo: Apple

Apple Watch has been hogging so much of the tech spotlight lately that you could be forgiven for forgetting that Apple is also about to release a revolutionary new computer.

The first reviews of the new MacBook landed on the web to remind us that the first gold MacBook will be available to order tomorrow, too. According to the experts, it’s the most beautiful computer ever created. But should you buy it?

Here’s the good and the bad of the new MacBook.

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How to unlock iOS 8.3’s secret Spock emoji

iOS 8.3 emoji now include the Vulcan salute. Photo: Star Trek

iOS 8.3 emoji now include the Vulcan salute. Photo: Star Trek

iOS 8.3 includes some huge advancements to emoji with the inclusion of more racially diverse characters, but Star Trek fans might be more interested in a new emoji that makes it easier to tell your friends to “live long and prosper.”

Today, Apple added support for the Vulcan salute emoji, which was approved as a new Unicode symbol last year. The new emoji is now visible to users on iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3; however, you can’t actually pick the salute out of the emoji character sheet just yet.

There’s no word on when Apple will officially add the Spock emoji to the keyboard, but you can start using it right now by following these quick steps.

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The 17 best Apple Watch tidbits from early reviews

Photo: Apple

Early reviewers are in love with Apple Watch. Photo: Apple

The first wave of Apple Watch reviews landed this morning with the consensus that Apple has created the best smartwatch ever. Now whether you actually need a smartwatch is still being heavily debated, but the early Apple Watch reviews have highlighted some pretty compelling cases.

Reviews from tech news sites have praised Apple Watch for its innovative UI and incredible design. After slogging through the first reviews though, the most interesting insights I found about Apple Watch came from non-tech sites. What will it be like for normal, non-tech nerds to use Apple’s timepiece?

Here’s everything new I learned about Apple Watch from reading all the reviews:

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