M. Night Shyamalan’s spooky Servant teasers haunt Apple TV+


No knows anything about Rupert Grint's character Julian Pierce.
Photo: Apple

Just in time for Halloween, Apple TV+ is serving up two new teasers of its mysterious new series called Servant.

Created by M. Night Shyamalan, Servant follows a married couple who cope with the loss of their child by buying a therapy doll. Details on the show are being kept under wraps, including Rupert Grint’s enigmatic character Julian Pierce. Judging from the trailers and teasers we’ve seen so far though, a lot of weird stuff is about to go down.

This series looks creepy asf:

Rudy Giuliani needed Genius Bar’s help to unlock his iPhone


Giuliani doesn't know how to wear AirPods either.
Photo: Rick Wilson/Twitter

Despite being named Donald Trump’s cybersecurity expert in 2017, Rudy Giuliani is so clueless about tech, he had to go to the Apple Store genius bar for help unlocking his iPhone.

Leaked internal documents from Apple reveal that just a few weeks after being tapped as Trump’s top cyber guy, Giuliani waited in front of a San Francisco Apple store with a very pressing issue: he had forgotten his passcode and couldn’t unlock his iPhone.

Biggest shockers from Apple’s record-smashing Q4 earnings


quotes on Apple
Surprise! Apple made an ungodly amount of money last quarter.
Photo: Apple

Apple shares are soaring in after-hours trading today thanks to yet another record-breaking earnings report.

Tim Cook and Apple CFO Luca Maestri got on the phone with investors after the numbers came and provided some surprising details on how Apple hit a new high for Q4 revenue despite slowing iPhone sales. While everyone has been focusing on Apple’s booming services business, one of the company’s other product categories has transformed into its true growth engine.

Apple sets new Q4 record with $64 billion in revenue


Big pile of cash underneath an Apple logo.
Apple's giant pile of cash continues to grow.
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple earnings report for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019 met the most bullish of Wall Street expectations this afternoon with a Q4 record high of $64 billion in revenue and $3.03 earnings per share.

Apple’s stock price started soaring in after-hours trading on news of the positive earnings. With the iPhone 11 on sale for just 10 days during Q4, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave credit to Apple’s booming service business and the Apple Watch and AirPods for pushing the quarter to record heights.


Earnings call
Get ready for another record breaking quarter.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

See featurette gives inside look of Apple’s epic series


Apple delves behind the scenes of See in new featurette
Apple delves behind the scenes of See in new featurette
Photo: Apple

Apple is turning up the hype for the launch of Apple TV+ this morning with a new featurette for its big-budget series See.

The two-minute-long video shows never-before-seen clips of the show along with commentary from its creators and the cast. Early reviews for See were less than enthusiastic, but after seeing some of the behind the scenes shots, we’re cautiously optimistic that it could mature into something great.

DJI’s new Mavic Mini is the perfect drone for everyone


The Mavic Mini is ready for liftoff.
Photo: DJI

DJI unleashed its smallest and lightest drone on the world this morning and it just might be the cutest drone ever.

The Mavic Mini is so light it’s one of the first (if not the first) mass-market drones that does not have to be registered with the FAA. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size. This little drone can capture some serious cinematic footage and it’s so cheap it won’t hurt your bank account.

If you’ve been thinking of getting your first drone, this is the one for you:

Samsung teases new clamshell folding phone concept


Samsung's new concept phone doesn't have a name yet.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is doubling down on its efforts to make smartphones with a folding display a thing.

During Samsung’s annual developers conference this morning, the company unveiled a new folding phone concept that’s drastically different than the Galaxy Fold. Instead of folding from a regular-sized smartphone into a tablet, the new concept folds into a clamshell, kind of like a futuristic version of Motorola’s Razr phone.

Take a look:

iOS 13.2 leaks details on upcoming ‘AirTags’ and iPhone 11 battery cases


Tile pro pack
Apple is getting ready to do battle with Tile.
Photo: Tile

Details of at least two unreleased Apple products may have been spilled by Apple’s big iOS 13.2 update that came out to the public this morning.

Apple has been rumored for months to be working on Bluetooth tracker tags similar to Tile’s. The official unveiling of Apple’s tracker could come by the end of the year, but references in iOS 13.2 may have just revealed its name.

Google is in talks to buy Fitbit


Fitbit Versa
Fitbit could get a lifeline from Google.
Photo: Fitbit

Apple Watch could soon get some new competition from Google which has reportedly made an offer to buy Fitbit.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is supposedly aiming to get a slice of the fitness trackers and smartwatch market after ramping up its hardware efforts in recent years. Smartwatch arena Google doesn’t compete with Apple in but buy Fitbit could give the search engine giant a big boost to catch up.