UX Write’s First iOS Update Brings External Keyboard Support, Autosave, Dictation, More



I featured UX Write in one of my must-have apps roundups when it first hit the App Store, because it’s one of the best word processors available on iOS. It has now received its first update, and it’s a fairly major one, introducing support for external keyboards, autosave, dictation on supported devices, and more.

UX Write version 1.0.1 now properly supports external keyboards connected via Bluetooth, including keyboard shortcuts. What’s more, it now has autocorrect for a whole host of languages, including Danish, Dutch, Australian, Canadian, British, and U.S. English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. And proper handling of text entry in Korean.

However, if you’ve got a recent iOS device, such as the iPhone 4S or the new iPad, you don’t need to do any typing at all, because UX Write now supports dictation.

Other improvements include an optional “toggle” mode for the virtual trackpad feature, the ability to scroll through documents using the virtual trackpad, and numerous bug fixes.

You can find UX Write 1.0.1 in the App Store now, and if you haven’t already tried it, I highly recommend it. Now’s the best time to buy, too, with 60% off its usual price until August 27, which means it’ll cost you just $5.99 instead of $14.99.

Source: App Store


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