Aperture Presets Add Instagram Filters To Your Pictures

Aperture Presets Add Instagram Filters To Your Pictures

Aperture, meet Instagram.

Remember those neat Lightroom presets which would add Instagram filters to your big grown-up photos? Now the author Casey Mac is back with versions for Photoshop (snore) and Aperture (yay!).

All of Instagram’s filters, from the excellent X-Pro II to the more pedestrian Kelvin, and they all manage to get very close to the originals. I have Casey’s Lightroom set which I love, and the filters also make a great starting place for further tweaking.

Like the Lightroom set, the Photoshop and Aperture sets come in at $5. And if $5 is too much for you to pay for a bunch of image filters, then hush your mouth. Why don’t you just head over to Android where everything is cheap or free, including the user experience?

  • caseymac

    Thanks for sharing, Charlie! Much appreciated.

  • popeyoni

    Yaaay! Now my photos from high quality cameras can look as crappy as cellphone photos!

  • DanBrown

    http://www.reallyniceimages.com – much better ones. They do Instagram presets for Lightroom with much more precise and character.

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