Aperture Presets Add Instagram Filters To Your Pictures


Aperture, meet Instagram.


Remember those neat Lightroom presets which would add Instagram filters to your big grown-up photos? Now the author Casey Mac is back with versions for Photoshop (snore) and Aperture (yay!).

All of Instagram’s filters, from the excellent X-Pro II to the more pedestrian Kelvin, and they all manage to get very close to the originals. I have Casey’s Lightroom set which I love, and the filters also make a great starting place for further tweaking.

Like the Lightroom set, the Photoshop and Aperture sets come in at $5. And if $5 is too much for you to pay for a bunch of image filters, then hush your mouth. Why don’t you just head over to Android where everything is cheap or free, including the user experience?

Source: Casey Mac Photo

Via: PetaPixel


  • caseymac

    Thanks for sharing, Charlie! Much appreciated.

  • popeyoni

    Yaaay! Now my photos from high quality cameras can look as crappy as cellphone photos!

  • DanBrown

    http://www.reallyniceimages.com – much better ones. They do Instagram presets for Lightroom with much more precise and character.