SlideWriter Brings Awesome iPad Text Editing Concept To The App Store Today



Remember SlideWriter, the innovative iPad text editor that turned one impressive keyboard concept into a real app, which we told you about back in May? Today it’s finally available to download from the App Store for just $0.99 for a limited time.

SlideWriter got its inspiration from an impressive iPad text editing concept designed by Daniel Chase Hooper, which we first heard about in early May. Although the concept didn’t reinvent the typing experiencing, it did introduce a new way to interact with text — doing away with Apple’s fiddly tap-and-hold gestures used throughout iOS.

Just after Hooper showed off his concept, a jailbreak tweak was introduced to add this functionality to the iPad’s built-in keyboard, and StudioTentpole announced SlideWriter — a text editor based on this concept.

SlideWriter isn’t the most feature-filled word processing app for the iPad, but it does rival minimalist alternatives like WriteRoom or Byword. And once you get used to its gestures, its hard to live without them.

SlideWriter allows you to email your text, or share it via Twitter. Here’s to hoping new features are introduced in future updates.

That introductory price of $0.99 will go up to $1.99 soon, so grab SlideWriter while it’s cheap.

Source: AppStore

Via: AppShopper

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  • ReneKnaake

    What a waste of money. No integration with the native keyboard, so does not work in Pages, Notes or other iPad apps. I just hope Apple picks up on this and puts it in IOS6.

  • mr_bee

    That’s not the same as the original concept at all.
    I’m guessing that Apple denied them access to the keyboard.

  • MrBilly

    For 99 cents, I say it’s not bad, but I do agree that Apple should bake this into the OS.

  • fiowriter

    FioWriter ease the pain of iPad text editing with customized keyboard with command keys(? ? ?) and 30+ shortcut key combinations.