This Is How Easy Text Editing On The iPad Should Be [Video]


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Text editing on iOS isn’t bad, but it’s definitely fiddly. Make an error or want to delete some words and unless you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard, you have to take your hands off the keyboard, tap the words you want to select or where you want to insert your cursor, adjust the boxes manually and more. A pain.

YouTube user Daniel Chase Hooper had a better ideas, as illustrated in this video concept below. What if to edit text, your hands never had to leave the keyboard area on the iPad? To move the cursor, you swipe in the keyboard area left, right, up or down. To select a bunch of text at once, you swipe in the keyboard area while holding down shift.

Fantastic in theory, but the big problem I see is that of accidental key presses and selections when editing. This might be fiddly in a whole new way.

What do you think?

Source: YouTube
Via: iDownload Blog

  • Dennis Stahl

    awesome …

  • Joe Owens

    Some apps have little extra buttons above the keyboard that really help in word navigation. Check out iThoughts HD in particular. This is the mind mapping app I love for the iPad but it has these cursor buttons that allow moving the cursor word by word that I really love. At the rate most people type they are well into the next word before they notice their last mistake. I wish I could mod these keys onto the keyboard always. Any jailbreaker developers out there for the iPad take note!

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Very clever. I like it.

  • Jonathan Ober

    I think that the keyboard needs a small row of copy paste functions instead of having to go in and hold down on a word, etc.

  • shannon_f

    i like

  • Abdulah Mohamed

    I like the comment by Joe, I would though like to know of any other apps that give you the extra keys for the iPad 2  that I own.

  • markrlangston

    Looks pretty good to me. Maybe novice users that don’t type as much might find it difficult but if you have a power user like the guy in the video I’m sure they’d be just as fast. 

  • AKahney

    Even just including a delete forward button on the existing keyboard would help….

  • Michael

    I am all for a feature like this.

  • ApplePr0n

    I like it, but i also like the current features to and think other things need to be changed in iOS before this

  • _mcat

    nice thinking

  • Matthew Cahn

    Clicked the link, no description, comments disabled. LOL.

  • Teak

    A OS X version of this has been built into this Mac app: