Dolphin Browser 5.0 Brings Saved Passwords, Autocomplete, Email Sharing & More


Dolphin's latest update means you'll never have to type out a password again.
Dolphin's latest update means you'll never have to type out a password again.

Dolphin is widely regarding as one of the best third-party web browsers for the iPad, and it’s a particular favorite of mine, firmly stuck to the first page of my home screen on all of my iOS devices. With version 5.0 for the iPad, Dolphin gets even better, with the ability to save passwords; autocomplete browsing history, bookmarks, and searches; share URLs via email, and more.

Dolphin isn’t just a terrific web browser, but it’s also free for both iPhone and iPad. I recently used it in an iOS tip that shows you how to access websites in “desktop” view, rather than the mobile view you get in Safari.

The Dolphin for iPad 5.0 update, which hit the App Store this morning, brings:

1. Save Passwords: Forget inputting the same password information in again and again, Dolphin will remember and save for future use.
2. Auto-complete: Dolphin now remembers your browsing history, bookmarks and searches to make typing in the URL bar even faster.
3. Dolphin Connect: Check out our slick new redesign that makes it easier to sync your bookmarks across all your Dolphin devices.
4. Share via Email: Quickly share webpage URLs in your email.
5. The Norm: Various stability and performance improvement.

Some of these features are yet to make their way to Dolphin for iPhone, but we’re expecting an update for that app to pop up shortly.

Source: App Store

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