Camera+ 3 Gets New Icon And Stacks Of New Features In Latest Update


Camera+ gets stacks of new features in latest update.
One of Camera+'s great new features is much-improved sharing.

Camera+, one of the most popular photography apps for the iPhone, has been updated to version 3 today. In addition to a fancy new icon, the update brings a ton of new features including improved photo sharing, focus and exposure locks, workflows, and more. The release also quashes several bugs.

The new icon is very similar to the old one, but it’s now nice and shiny and much more polished. But its inside the app where you’ll find the best improvements:

  • Improved sharing: You can now share your photos to multiple services at once, allowing you to email, tweet, and upload images to Facebook all at the same time. Sharing is also faster than ever before thanks to some noticeable speed improvements.
  • Multiple photo library import: You no longer need to import images from your photo library one by one for editing, with the ability to import multiple photos at once.
  • Workflows: This allows you to customize how Camera+ behaves after taking a photo. You can either shoot multiple images in a row and then worry about editing later, or edit each photograph the moment after you take it.
  • Focus and exposure locks: You can now lock your camera’s focus and exposure independently. “Photographers looking for the utmost flexibility in shooting will love this new feature because it enables all kinds of creative ways of taking awesome shots,” the developers promise.
  • APIs: There are now a number of APIs that allow developers to integrate Camera+ into their apps. This opens the door to new services that make use of the photographs users shoot with Camera+, similar to those developed for Instagram.
  • Improved Lightbox UI: Several changes have been made to the Lightbox to make it even more user friendly. It’ll take “a couple of seconds” to get used to them, the developers say, but they’re “completely confident you’ll love these improvements almost immediately.”
  • Create web links: Not everyone has Facebook, Twitter, or even email access. You can now share images with these people by sending a URL via text message.
  • Tuned Clarity: The popular Clarity feature has been fine-tuned and is even better in Camera+ 3, especially if you’re using an iPhone 4S.

Other improvements include performance enhancements, notifications, and plenty of bug fixes.

Deals of the Day

  • jason

    Lock screen access would be #1

  • Mfoleyny

     Hmm…When touching the screen, I’ve been getting a burst mode that I didn’t ask for….and the burst setting is definitely not on.

    also, the shutter sound doesn’t mute.  I guess that only can be toggled by the external mute switch.

  • Eric

    The only thing I wud really find useful is the Create Web Link. And maybe the independent focus and exposure lock. Which has been part of King Camera app for a while. But for either app, I don’t like that you have to purchase in-app the rest of the filters. They should just hike up the price and have the app completely open. Its like they are conning you to buy their app at a low cost, then hit you with additional purchases. Which everyone does anyway.

  • speedmaster

    Very cool, my fav. photo app.