Get The VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control From Apple Stores Nationwide Now



One of the best accessories you can purchase for your new iPhone is a little device that allows you to control your television and other audio/visual gear from your smartphone. It means you don’t have to search around for that lost remote, get up to change the channel, or keep replacing the batteries in all the remotes already littering your home.

The VooMote Zapper combines a universal remote control with a well designed app that allows you to control all of your equipment in every room using nothing but your iOS device. And it’s available now at Apple retail stores nationwide.

VooMote Zapper looks pretty great when you compare it to other remote solutions, and it’s available in red, pink, blue, green, white, and black. Setup is quick and simple, and VooMote promises the setup wizard will “guide you through the entire setup process in just minutes with no need for external resources.”

The accompanying app features a wealthy database of remote configurations, but if yours is missing, you can use your original remote control to teach your Zapper the right commands with its handy “Teach-In” feature.

Once you have all of your remotes programmed in, you can customize different “bundles” for each room. For example, you can have a profile that features controls for the Blu-ray player, TV, and set-top box in your living room; another features controls for the TV and stereo system in your office.

Additionally, you can combine remotes in one layout, allowing you to use one interface to control a number of devices such as a TV and DVD player. All of your remotes can be customized with a layout that suits you, and you can even substitute buttons for gestures similar to those used in Apple’s Remote app for iOS.

VooMote Zapper offers a ton of great features and could be the best accessory you buy for your iOS device. You can pick one up now at your local Apple Store or from for $70.


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  • Cameron McFadyen

    Does it work with the iPad?  Or is it iPhone specific?

  • elimilchman

    Cameron, it works with all iDevices: iPhones, iPads and iPods.

  • FenTiger

    Available in dear old Blighty too?

  • Jay Kulkarni

    any reviews on how this works? i’m assuming its IR to be able to work with older products.

  • Jay Kulkarni

    I didn’t see any codes for fisher scientific (comcast cable box), or home theatre in a box, or PS3s….

  • Srose428

    Might actually be able to set up my parents with some complicated electronics now, they could never figure out how to use or turn them on before.  Love this, but iI really hope it is built into the next iPhone!!

  • adam loader

    Does this require wifi to use?

  • adam loader

    Does this need wifi?

  • Bill Wimsatt

    Ok, just IR control, not too interesting. I would rather a Logitech Harmony. Given this could have dynamic layouts, one benefit. However, if you could use BT and IR, this opens up all sorts of possibilities. A Logitech requires an IR-BT bridge which is another $75 on top of a $75-100 remote. However, imagine an iPod Touch or iPad that has BT and IR control and has a second screen preview for channels or audio. Now! this is interesting.

  • rbbang1987

    Voomote Zapper Launching in INDIA @ by BeYond iMagination. Shipping starts on 2nd July 2012