Get The VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control From Apple Stores Nationwide Now


  • Cameron McFadyen

    Does it work with the iPad?  Or is it iPhone specific?

  • elimilchman

    Cameron, it works with all iDevices: iPhones, iPads and iPods.

  • FenTiger

    Available in dear old Blighty too?

  • Jay Kulkarni

    any reviews on how this works? i’m assuming its IR to be able to work with older products.

  • Jay Kulkarni

    I didn’t see any codes for fisher scientific (comcast cable box), or home theatre in a box, or PS3s….

  • Srose428

    Might actually be able to set up my parents with some complicated electronics now, they could never figure out how to use or turn them on before.  Love this, but iI really hope it is built into the next iPhone!!

  • adam loader

    Does this require wifi to use?

  • adam loader

    Does this need wifi?

  • Bill Wimsatt

    Ok, just IR control, not too interesting. I would rather a Logitech Harmony. Given this could have dynamic layouts, one benefit. However, if you could use BT and IR, this opens up all sorts of possibilities. A Logitech requires an IR-BT bridge which is another $75 on top of a $75-100 remote. However, imagine an iPod Touch or iPad that has BT and IR control and has a second screen preview for channels or audio. Now! this is interesting.

  • rbbang1987

    Voomote Zapper Launching in INDIA @ by BeYond iMagination. Shipping starts on 2nd July 2012