South Korea Removes Ban On iOS Games With iPhone 4S Launch Ahead



Apple issued a press release yesterday in which it confirmed the new iPhone 4S will be launching in South Korea next Friday, November 11. In order to prepare for its arrival, the South Korean government has lifted a ban that prevented iOS users from downloading games onto their devices.

The ban has been in place for almost two years, thanks to concerns from the country’s Games Ratings Board about the content found in iOS games, much to the disappointment of Korean game developers who felt the government was holding back its games industry. In the past, users could get around the ban by simply creating international iTunes accounts, but now they no longer have to.

The South Korean government has now lifted the ban and given the go ahead for the South Korean App Store to be filled with games for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. There’s not a great deal to choose from at present, with just a small selection in the ‘Entertainment’ section, but there is expected to be an influx of titles within the coming months, with many developers already working on games following recent rumors that had suggested the ban would be lifted.

[via The Next Web]


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