The iPhone 4S Will Launch In 15 More Countries Next Week, Including Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Korea


Apple's Hong Kong Store (credit: wZa HK)
Apple's Hong Kong Store (credit: wZa HK)

Today Apple announced that it will begin selling the iPhone 4S in 15 more countries starting on November 11th, including Hong Kong and South Korea. The news is part of an aggressive roll-out by the tech giant, which hopes to have the iconic smartphone in 70 countries by the end of December.

The tech giant said it will begin selling the iPhone 4S starting next Friday, with pre-sales beginning November 4, in the following countries: Hong Kong, South Korea, Greece, Portugal, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland and Romania. These nations are in addition to the 22 countries the Cupertino, Calif. firm announced last week.

First launched mid-October in four countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France Germany and Japan, the handset’s introduction has surpassed Apple CEO Tim Cook’s “wildest dreams.”

“We couldn’t have gotten off to a better start than we did with the iPhone 4S,” Cook said.

During its recent earnings conference call, Cook said he was “confident” that iPhone sales for the current three-month financial period would set another record.

The news that the iPhone 4S will be arriving next week in South Korea is particularly intriguing, given the continuing legal battle between Apple and Samsung. Earlier today, we reported the South Korean-based Samsung is demanding a court force Apple to turn over the iPhone 4S source code, as well as subsidy agreements between the iPhone maker and Australian carriers.

  • Pmania

    Awesome! Finally coming to Bulgaria, I’ve been waiting for ages.

  • 12yake

    You know, hong kong isn’t a country… Just Sayin…

  • dacorbee

    Jeez! Nearly a month after starting sales of the 4s in Australia it’s going to be sold in New Zealand! Why is that? It doesn’t make sense. It would be like selling the iPhone in the US but not in Canada for a month.

  • Justin Adams

    Can I please get mine since I ordered it over a week ago before these countries do. I’d super appreciate it lol

  • Tim

    Vodafone New Zealand soured the relationship with Apple during the launch of the iPhone 4 last year. Google it there’s a lot of info on it. Mainly due to the fact that Vodafone NZ wanted to sell it for more than Apple wanted them to list it at.

  • wZahk

    Thanks for using my pic, it was shot with an iPhone4 with the olloclip fisheye lens.
    Made my day seeing it here!
    Thank you!