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Apple M2 Pro chip could get performance boost from 3nm process


Apple might get cutting-edge 3nm processors in 2022
Apple will reportedly be one of the first companies in the world able to offer processors made with a 3nm process.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple’s upcoming M2 Pro chip will be made with an improved manufacturing process that will make it even faster and more energy-efficient, according to an unconfirmed report. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s 3nm process supposedly will be used on the M2 Pro, as well as the M3.

Quite a few Macs using these chips are already in the pipeline.

Apple’s chipmaker counting on blazing-fast 2nm processors in rivalry with Intel


TSMC looks ahead to super-speedy 2nm processors
2nm processors made by TSMC will be faster while using less power than today's 5nm iPhone and Mac chips.

iPhones will continue getting smaller, faster and more efficient processors for years to come. TSMC, the company that manufactures all Apple’s chips, says it should be able produce processors in 2025 that are an amazing 2nm. These should make today’s fastest Macs and iPhones look like slugs in comparison.

Rival Intel is working hard to keep up. It says it’ll pass TSMC in a few years – but it’s missed plenty of similar self-imposed deadlines over the years.

New 5G chip could mean even better battery life for iPhone 14


Apple 5G chip
TSMC beats out Samsung for Apple's orders.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s most recent iPhone models offer better battery life than any of their rivals — and it could be about to get even better. Cupertino is reportedly preparing a new 5G chip that is even more efficient for iPhone 14.

Supply chain sources say the chip will be manufactured exclusively by TSMC using its latest 6-nanometer process, with Samsung losing out on orders.

Apple chip-maker eyes new production facility in Germany


Apple chip prices to rise in 2022
TSMC is working hard (and spending big) to boost its output.
Photo: TSMC

Future Apple devices could be powered by chipsets manufactured in Germany, with the company’s primary silicon supplier in talks over a new production facility in western Europe, according to a new report.

Negotiations are said to be in the early stages for now, so it’s far from a done deal. TSMC SVP Lora Ho said a number of factors will play a part in its decisions, including government subsidies and the availability of local talent.

Apple chipmaker will start building iPhone’s custom 5G modems in 2023


Apple 5G modem chip
Qualcomm is slowly but surely getting the boot.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Apple’s primary chip production partner, will start manufacturing custom 5G modem chips for iPhone in 2023, according to a new report, which cites four different sources familiar with the plan.

TSMC reportedly will build the chips using a 4-nanometer manufacturing process. The proprietary modems would allow Apple to reduce its reliability on rival chipmaker Qualcomm.

iPhone 14 may be forced to settle for less advanced 4nm chip


iPhone 14 might have to settle for less advanced 4nm chip
The A16 is expected to be the heart of the iPhone 14.
Graphic: Apple/Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly won‘t be able get chips made with a cutting-edge 3nm process for the iPhone 14, so it supposedly might switch to 4nm. The change would result in an iPhone that’s not as much an improvement over the current one as had been thought.

This isn’t a result of the global shortage in processors. Chip-maker TSMC is allegedly having problems with its 3nm process.

Apple devices could get more expensive with chip prices set to skyrocket


Apple chip prices to rise in 2022
TSMC is planning its biggest price hike in over a decade.
Photo: TSMC

Apple’s most popular devices could get even more expensive next year, with chip-maker TSMC said to be planning its biggest price increase in more than a decade. The move could also affect companies like Nvidia and Qualcomm.

Sources are blaming the price hike on a number of factors, including higher material costs and the ongoing chip shortage, which has encouraged some device vendors to buy up more components than they actually need.

Apple could hike price of iPhone 13 to cover increasing chip costs


Apple A15 concept
Apple chip-maker TSMC is increasing prices by as much as 20%.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iPhone 13 may not be as affordable as iPhone 12, after all. A new report claims Apple is planning to hike prices for its next-generation smartphone lineup to cover the rising costs of its powerful chipsets.

Apple’s primary chip supplier, TSMC, has reportedly notified all customers that it will be increasing prices by as much as 20%, starting in January 2022.