iPhone 8’s powerful new A11 chip is pictured for the first time


TSMC A11 chip
This is the chip that will power Apple's next-gen iPhone.
Photo: Slashleaks

As we get closer to the iPhone 8’s launch, more and more alleged components are starting to show up online. The latest is what is reported to be the A11 chip which will power the next-gen device.

Made by TSMC, previous reports have stated that the new chip is manufactured using a 10-nanometer manufacturing process, which should make it faster and more efficient than the 16-nanometer A10 Fusion used in the iPhone 7. It should also be faster than the A10X Fusion chip used in the latest iPad Pros.

iPhone 8’s blazing A11 chip enters mass-production


iPhone leak
TSMC has ramped up production for a September launch.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple manufacturing partner TSMC has reportedly started mass-production of the A11 chip that will power the iPhone 8.

The new chip is said to be based on a 10-nanometer manufacturing process, which should make it faster and more efficient than the 16-nanometer A10 Fusion in the iPhone 7.

Early benchmarks suggest it will be even faster than the A10X Fusion chip in the latest iPad Pros.

Samsung might get aced out of big iPhone chip deal


iPhone 7 back
TSMC may be the company behind Apple's A12 iPhone chips.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is likely to hang on to Apple’s A-series iPhone chip orders in 2018, a new report claims.

The report contrasts with one published earlier this week, suggesting that Samsung would be taking over the role of A12 chip manufacturing, on account of its investment in “extreme UV lithography machines,” some of the the most advanced chip-making equipment around.

iPhone 8 chip maker confirms fingerprint-scanning display


Touch ID
Touch ID is making a move!
Photo: Apple

Whatever problems Apple may have been having embedding Touch ID into the iPhone 8’s display, it appears that it’s solved them!

According to a new report — citing Apple chip supplier TSMC — the next-gen iPhone will boast an optical fingerprint sensor to enable authentication directly by touching the screen.

Apple places massive chip orders for iPhone 8


Apple plans to sell 230 million next-gen iPhones.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Chip orders reveal demand for the next-gen iPhones is set to exceed 50 million units during the second half of 2017, and hit a total of 220 million to 230 million units, according to a new report.

The new handsets are likely to be Apple’s biggest iPhone refresh since 2014’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus-era devices, and promise to boast major new features. And it seems Apple’s willing to bank on that leading to massive demand!

iPhone 8’s A11 chip enters mass production next month


Apple chips are getting EMI shielding.
The A11 is on its way!
Photo: Apple

Apple manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is set to begin volume production of Apple’s next-gen A11 chips next month, with the goal of producing 50 million chips before July.

The chips will be used for the next-gen iPhones, which are likely to make their debut in September. The A11 chips will reportedly be built using a 10 nanometer FinFET process.

iPhone chipmaker will decide on U.S. plant in 2018


TSMC is one of Apple's biggest partners.
TSMC is one of Apple's biggest partners.
Photo: Apple/TSMC

Apple’s favorite chipmaker in Asia may be ready to move to the United States next year.

TSMC — the world’s largest contract chipmaker, and sole supplier of the A10 Fusion processor that powers the iPhone 7 — says it is weighing the benefits of setting up shop in the U.S. under President Donald Trump.

Key Apple partners could set up shop in U.S.


Could we see buildings like this in the U.S. soon?
Photo: Foxconn

A number of key Apple suppliers are considering new facilities in the U.S., according to reports out of China.

Assembler Foxconn, display maker Sharp, and chip maker TSMC are all said to be interested in taking advantage of new business incentives proposed by soon-to-be President Donald Trump.