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iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks


iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks
iPhone shipments increased in Q1 2022. Android did not.
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The global market for Android phones shrank considerably in the first quarter of 2022, even as iPhone shipments rose.

Shipments from every major Android maker declined, from Samsung on down. Their combined drops were enough to reduce world smartphone shipments in Q1 by around 10%.

M1 MacBook Air helps Apple shift a whopping 6.5 million notebooks in Q3


MacBook Air power
Despite chip supply problems, the MacBook business is booming.
Photo: Apple

Apple shipped a rather impressive 6.5 million notebooks last quarter, according to new data — thanks in large part to the success of the M1 MacBook Air. That figure makes Cupertino the fourth-largest laptop vendor in the world.

Although Lenovo, HP and Dell all shipped significantly more laptops than Apple during the three-month period, the MacBook-maker did see decent growth of 10% over the same quarter last year.

Samsung overtakes Apple in US marketshare for the first time since 2017


iPhone 12 Pro in Pacific blue
The lack of iPhone 12 may have hurt Apple.
Photo: Apple

For the first time in three years, Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple in the United States in the third calendar quarter of the year, market researchers at Strategy Analytics claim in a new report.

Apple accounted for a 30.2 percent market share of the U.S. smartphone market in Q3 2020. However, it lost out slightly to Samsung which made up 33.7 percent of the marketshare. The last time Samsung beat Apple in Apple’s home country market was Q2 2017.

Smartphones are getting slaughtered, but iPhone fares better than most


iPhone 11 Pro
Things were bad. For Apple, they could have been worse.
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Smartphone shipments took a major tumble in the first quarter of 2020 as coronavirus wreaked havoc on the supply chain and demand. That’s the conclusion drawn by three of the top mobile-tracking research firms, Strategy Analytics, Canalys, and IDC.

While their numbers don’t all tally perfectly they tell the same overall picture. While Apple wasn’t immune to the decline, however, it fared better than some of its rivals.

February smartphone shipments hit historic low


iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max
Smartphone shipments, including iPhones, were significantly down in February.
Photo: Apple

Worldwide smartphone shipments took a much-anticipated nosedive in the month of February as the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread around the globe.

Strategy Analytics reported Friday a 38% drop in shipments, the worst ever since smartphone sales began more than a decade ago.

Apple Watch now makes up almost half of all smartwatch shipments


Apple Watch thieves arrested after owner 'pings' device during police search
Apple Watch has been a massive hit for Apple.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch continues to cement its position as the undisputed ruler of the smartwatch industry. According to new research from Strategy Analytics, overall smartwatch shipments grew 42% year-on-year in Q3 2019 to reach 14 million units. Of these, Apple Watch accounted for 6.8 million devices.

That means that approximately one out of every two smartwatches shipped in the quarter was an Apple Watch.

The average iPhone has been active for 18 months


iPhone XS box gold
People are holding onto their smartphones for longer than ever.
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The average iPhone has been active for 18 months, a new report from Strategy Analytics suggests. That compares to 16.5 months for Samsung handsets.

Overall, it seems that people are upgrading their phones at a slower rate. That’s reportedly as a result of “diminishing innovation,” which provides less of a reason to do so. It also likely has a whole lot to do with increased prices.

Apple Watch continues to run roughshod over the competition


Almost 1 out of every 2 smartwatches shipped last quarter was an Apple Watch.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch continues to dominate the fast-growing global smartwatch market, according to new figures from Strategy Analytics.

The firm notes that smartwatch shipments grew 44% in the second quarter of 2019. In total, 12 million smartwatches shipped — with Apple Watch making up almost one out of every two smartwatches sold.

Apple Watch continues to be the biggest player in smartwatches


App Home Screen Apple Watch Series 4
More than half of holiday smartwatch sales were Apple Watches.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

A record 18 million smartwatches sold in the final three months of 2018 — and Apple Watch made up more than half of them.

That’s according to the latest global sales research figures from Strategy Analytics. The firm suggests that Apple Watch represented 51 percent of global smartwatch sales. Samsung took second place, followed by Fitbit, and Garman.

HomePod sold 1.6 million units over the holidays


The HomePod is a lot smarter than you might think. Just take a look at these tips!
HomePod is Apple's take on the smart speaker.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker experienced 45 percent growth in the holiday quarter, according to new figures. Strategy Analytics’ report suggests that Apple sold 1.6 million HomePod speakers over the three month period.

Those numbers still put it firmly behind market leaders like Amazon and Google. Nonetheless, they show that Apple is continuing to benefit from the explosion of interest in smart speakers.