Foundation show runner steps down from Apple’s TV adaptation


Foundation was a major influence on Star Wars, and now it's coming to Apple TV.
Foundation was a major influence on Star Wars, and now it's coming to Apple TV+.
Photo: Bantam Spectra Books

Apple’s TV series adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s epic sci-fi novel Foundation has already experienced its first major shakeup.

Josh Friedman, who was originally tapped to lead the show alongside David S. Goyer, has reportedly decided to step down from the project.

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The star-studded Apple TV+ lineup is starting to look like it could become a legitimate contender to Netflix and HBO. After going on a Hollywood spending spree in the last eight months, Apple appears poised to make a huge push into original content.

Thanks to its new worldwide video executive team, many of the Apple TV series in development actually look really promising and diverse. From Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories to mysterious new sci-fi series See, Apple’s working on some shows everyone could enjoy.

Check out the full list of Apple TV+ series and movies currently in the pipeline.

Update: We’ve added all the shows we know about heading into Apple’s big March 25 event, where the company expected to finally unveil its TV streaming service.

X-Men writer preps new sci-fi show for Apple TV


Simon Kinberg both wrote and directed X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
Simon Kinberg both wrote and directed X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
Photo: Cult of Mac/20th Century Fox

Apple has reportedly approved a 10-episode sci-fi series co-created by Simon Kinberg, who has written many of the X-Men movies going back to 2006. This show will apparently be part of the streaming video service Apple is expected to launch this year.

Not much is known about Kinberg’s latest creation yet, though it’s scheduled to start filming this summer.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation sci-fi epic definitely headed for Apple TV


Foundation was a major influence on Star Wars, and now it's coming to Apple TV.
Foundation was a major influence on Star Wars, and now it's coming to Apple TV+.
Photo: Bantam Spectra Books

A few months ago, we heard that Apple was developing Isaac Asimov’s Foundation book series for TV. Today, came word that Apple has committed to turning the sprawling sci-fi epic into a show.

Foundation follows the fall of a galactic empire, and centers on a group of scientists trying to save civilization from chaos.

Joel Kinnaman joins Apple’s space race sci-fi series


Joel Kinnaman starred in the 2014 RoboCop reboot. Next he'll star in the Apple sci-fi series from Ronald D. Moore.
Joel Kinnaman starred in the 2014 RoboCop reboot.
Photo: Sony Pictures

Apple is reportedly fleshing out the cast for its original sci-fi series from Ronald D. Moore, adding Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman and Sarah Jones in lead roles. The as-yet-untitled show takes place in a world in which the global space race never slowed down.

Kinnaman, who previously appeared in the RoboCop reboot and Netflix’s Altered Carbon, will play Edward Baldwin, one of NASA’s top astronauts. Dorman (who starred in Amazon’s Patriots) and Jones (USA Network’s Western drama Damnation) will play Gordo and Tracy Stevens, a prominent NASA couple.

Apple grabs sci-fi show based on Asimov’s Foundation trilogy


Apple TV Closer
Apple is making a TV show of the trilogy that inspired Star Wars
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is ready to tackle one of the most ambitious sci-fi projects in the history of Hollywood after the company greenlit a new TV series based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation.

The new TV show is being produced by Skydance Television with David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman signed on to write the series that’s about a galactic empire of humans living on multiple planets across the galaxy.

Apple inks deal for new sci-fi series


apple tvPIC
Apple is beefing up its TV arsenal.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The guy that developed Battlestar Galactica for TV is teaming up with Apple for an all-new sci-fi TV series.

Apple has reportedly inked a deal with Ronald D. Moore that will see the sci-fi TV producer bring his next series exclusively to Apple. The project is being created in partnership with Sony Pictures Television and Moore’s studio-based Tall Ship Productions.

Star Wars fans love the series’ most dangerous tech


Star Wars Force Awakens Rey BB-8
This could be you, you heartless nerds.
Photo: Lucasfilm

A new poll of the most-wanted technology from the Star Wars universe shows that fans may not have really thought their answers through.

The survey comes courtesy of Harris Poll and software developer myDevices and asks one question: “If you could have any technology from the Star Wars trilogy, which would you want?”

While we approve of the study ignoring the prequels completely, we aren’t sure about the winners because it sounds like what these fans are really requesting are amazing and spectacular deaths.

How a sarcastic AI taskmaster came to rule the App Store


HAL 9000 is the spiritual antecedent of CARROT. Photo:
HAL 9000 is the spiritual antecedent of CARROT. Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Most apps are way too nice to us. “Don’t worry that you missed your 10,000 steps today,” they say. “There’s always tomorrow.”

CARROT apps are different. Whether you’re using a CARROT calorie counter or a CARROT weather forecaster, all the apps in the growing line have one thing in common: an hilariously sadistic AI character that serves as your in-app guide, dishing out harsh punishments if you miss your targets.

“So many of the apps out there are just cloyingly sweet, CARROT creator Brian Mueller tells Cult of Mac. “They’re always telling you that you’re doing a good job, no matter what you’re doing. I wondered what would happen if you did the opposite and created a sarcastic, irreverent personality who would yell at you if you don’t get stuff done. And, to my surprise, people really, really responded to it.”