Fingernails rom-com trailer literally puts love to the test


Can true love be scientifically tested and proven?
Can true love be scientifically tested and proven?
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Apple TV+ debuted its first trailer Wednesday for a rare beast — a sci-fi romantic comedy. It’s called Fingernails, and its appealing cast includes Jessie Buckley, Riz Ahmed, Jeremy Allen White and Luke Wilson.

Set in and around a “love-testing institute,” the Apple Originals film debuts in New York City and Los Angeles theaters October 27 and in more theaters and on Apple TV+ November 3.

Fantastic Foundation season 2 finale promises hope for the future [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★★


Jared Harris in ★★★★★
What's next for Hari Seldon and the Second Foundation?
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TV+ Review Apple TV+’s epic science fiction series Foundation concludes its second season this week and it goes out on a remarkable high note.

Who knows what the future holds for the Second Foundation? But I’ve greatly enjoyed this season. The hours I’ve spent getting sucked into this excellent sci-fi show were well worth the investment.

Epic battles lift Foundation to new highs [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★★


Lee Pace and Laura Birn in ★★★★★
Terminus had better watch out for Brother Day (played by Lee Pace, left) and Demerzel (Laura Birn).

TV+ ReviewApple TV+ science fiction show Foundation reaches the penultimate episode of a very fine second season this week

Brother Day demands answers from the people of Terminus, who disappoint him with their conviction. Gaal and Salvor plot a daring escape from the Mentalics. And a great big dogfight in space precedes the showstopping image of the season.

It’s all secrets and schemes this week on Foundation [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★


Sandra Yi Sencindiver and Terrence Mann in ★★★★
Rue (played by Sandra Yi Sencindiver, left) reveals something earth-shaking to Brother Dusk (Terrence Mann).
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TV+ ReviewSalvor and Gaal are in trouble this week as incredible Apple TV+ space opera Foundation heads into the home stretch of its great second season.

With the Mentalics moving on our two heroines, it seems that everyone has their fair share of trouble in the episode, entitled “The Last Empress.” Cleric and Constant find themselves at the business end of a Trantor firing squad. Dusk and Dawn see themselves fading into obsolescence. And Sareth’s running out of time to make her move.

Imperial intrigue rocks Foundation [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Cassian Bilton, Laura Birn, Lee Pace and Terrence Mann in ★★★★☆
The Empire
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewEveryone’s making compromises this week on Foundation, the gorgeous and exciting Apple TV+ sci-fi series based on the writings of Isaac Asimov.

Day and Demerzel sweat their next move as the Second Foundation rears its head (and Queen Sareth shows her fangs). Salvor and Gaal make the most of a new home. And Bel Riose meets Hober Mallow — with disastrous consequences.

Schemes and a royal screwup shake Foundation [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★


Leah Harvey and Lou Llobell in ★★★★
Salvor (played by Leah Harvey, left) and Gaal (Lou Llobell) wonder what Hari Seldon's up to this week on Foundation.
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TV+ Review Foundation, the epic Apple TV+ sci-fi show about the political machinations and battles being fought for control of a galaxy, finds its players being manipulated in all sorts of scary and surprising ways this week.

Hari looks backward and forward and finds nothing he likes. Cleric and Constant get Trantor’s version of a warm welcome. And finally, Brother Day unveils a new succession plan — that immediately backfires on him. It’s a very fine installment of this most exciting show.

Suspicion is the word of the week on Foundation [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Jared Harris, Leah Harvey and Lou Llobell in ★★★★☆
Who can you trust in Foundation? Hari (played by Jared Harris, left), Salvor (Leah Harvey) and Gaal (Lou Llobell) get a crash course in making new allies.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewFoundation finds old flames, new complications and uncertain allies in a very engaging episode this week. Hari, Salvor and Gaal find themselves in the company of a goddess. Dusk, Dawn and Day start suspecting each other. And Sareth gets closer to the truths she came to Trantor to divine.

Unsurprisingly strong performances elevate “The Sighted and the Seen,” this week’s episode of Apple TV+’s epic science fiction series based on the work of Isaac Asimov.

Foundation takes a moment for humanity [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Dimitri Leonidas and Isabella Laughland in ★★★★☆
Hober (played by Dimitri Leonidas, left) and Constant (Isabella Laughland) grow closer this week on Foundation.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewApple TV+’s magnificent space opera Foundation is lost in space this week. A small party heads inside the Vault on Terminus to speak to the prophet — and comes away bewildered by what they find.

Plus, Bel Riose is back in action and finds himself a different creature than when last he stormed the battlefield. And Brother Day’s marriage is about to get complicated by his bride’s secret, all on a very l0vely episode of the series, entitled “Where the Stars Are Scattered Thinly.”

3 Reasons to Watch: Apple TV+ sci-fi epic Foundation


An outer space shot from “Foundation,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Imagined on an epic scale, Foundation delivers the classic sci-fi combo of otherworldly vistas and mind-bending ideas.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewIn this installment of 3 Reasons to Watch, blast off with Apple TV+’s spectacular Foundation, a space opera worthy of the classics of the genre. After a stellar first season of the show, which is based on the timeless novels of Isaac Asimov, the second season is even more tremendous!

Here’s why you should check out this epic sci-fi show if you haven’t already.

Everyone’s on an epic mission this week on Foundation [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★


Jared Harris in ★★★
Everyone's looking for answers in strange places this week on Foundation.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewApple TV+’s epic space opera Foundation shores up its defenses this week as everyone prepares for the second crisis.

Hari and Gaal have a crucial appointment with an ancient power. Cleric and Day both need to rescue the last men in the galaxy that either of them wants to ask for help. And new and greater puzzles wait behind every corner.

Great pacing, great character work and a couple of welcome additions to the Foundation cast make this week’s episode, “King and Commoner,” appointment television.

Hari Seldon returns this week on Foundation, and he’s fuming! [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★


Leah Harvey, Jared Harris and Lou Llobell in ★★★
It's reunion time for Salvor (played by Leah Harvey, left) Hari (Jared Harris) and Gaal (Lou Llobell).
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review Apple TV+’s epic science fiction series Foundation deals with the fallout from an assassination attempt, a potential marriage and the opening of a puzzle cube this week.

In the episode, entitled “A Glimpse of Darkness,” Salvor and Gaal have their overdue reunion with Hari Seldon. Plus, some new converts are betrayed by their faith. And Hari, like Schrodinger’s cat, may or may not be in a box. It’s a very good episode between major developments.

Foundation’s season 2 opener will floor you [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★


Episode 1. Lee Pace in ★★★★
Lee Pace continues his hot streak as Brother Day in Foundation.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewEpic sci-fi series Foundation, based on the work of Isaac Asimov, returns to Apple TV+ for a second season this week and blows expectations clean into the next galaxy.

The expensive, expansive show overcome opening night jitters in season one to become one of the more watchable and exciting things on Apple TV+, thanks in no small part to a game cast, tense set pieces, fleet drama and exquisite effects.

Apple TV+ needed its own Battlestar Galactica or Mandalorian, and Foundation more than met the challenge. Will it be able to repeat the successes of its first season?

New Foundation season 2 trailer shows a galaxy ready for war


'Foundation' season 2 on Apple TV+
The epic saga Foundation will return to Apple TV+ for season 2 in July 2023.
Graphic: Apple TV+

The Galactic Empire and the Foundation prepare for massive conflict in a new trailer for Apple TV+ show Foundation, with the sci-fi series’ gorgeous special effects and cinematography very much on display.

Foundation season two premieres July 14. So now’s the time to watch the epic trailer Apple released Thursday — or get caught up on season one.

The Big Door Prize season finale spits out cliffhangers large and small [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Chris O’Dowd and Gabrielle Dennis in ★★★★☆
Surprise! The Morpho machine has even bigger mysteries to spin.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewThe Big Door Prize closes its first season with a blackout at Deerfest and a big twist from the Morpho. The show, about a mysterious machine that reads people’s futures, throws harsh weather and hard truths at its cast of misfit townies this week.

Father Reuben and Hana experience a few troubling realizations. Cass and Izzy have another blow-up. Jacob and Trina try to make it through their first real date. And more than one storm is brewing in this compelling cap to a winning season of a wonderful show.

New trailer teases return of Foundation to Apple TV+ in July


'Foundation' season 2 on Apple TV+
Apple TV+ announced that epic saga Foundation will return for season 2 in July 2023.
Image: Apple TV+

The second season of Apple TV+’s epic space opera Foundation premieres July 14, the streaming service said Thursday.

A newly released teaser trailer gives a first look at what’s coming to the series based on Isaac Asimov’s classic novels.

The Big Door Prize plays the emotional card and wins [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★


Gabrielle Dennis and Djouliet Amara in ★★★★
Everyone's coming clean and unwrapping their emotions this week on The Big Door Prize.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewThe Big Door Prize stares down the barrel at the end of its first season with the first lovey-dovey installment of a two-part finale.

The Apple TV+ sci-fi comedy about a machine that predicts the futures of the busybodies in a small town — and changes a few too many lives in the process — puts on a big display of emotional fireworks in “Deerfest: Part One.” It’s one of the finest episodes of the season.

Silo takes us down a post-apocalyptic rabbit hole [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★☆☆


Episode 1. David Oyelowo in ★★★☆☆
Sheriff Holston (played by David Oyelowo) is looking for answers about the silo.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review New Apple TV+ series Silo packs what may be the last people on earth into a huge, mysterious structure. Like Snowpiercer pointed straight up, this show offers a look at the hierarchies and conspiracies of silence that lead to cataclysmic turns of events.

This shaggy dog post-apocalyptic story — with an all-star cast spouting a lot of silly sci-fi lingo and exaggerated futurespeak — gets off to a compelling start this week.

The Big Door Prize is (almost) all about Izzy this week [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Crystal Fox in ★★★★☆
As usual, Izzy (played by Crystal Fox) just can't stand not being the center of attention.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewThe Big Door Prize focuses on the prickly mayor of Deerfield this week. The Apple TV+ show, about a small town interrupted in a big way by a machine that’s supposed to be capable of telling people’s futures, digs deep into the hidden feelings among Deerfield’s citizenry.

The episode, entitled “Izzy,” proves very affecting.

Giorgio blows it big time on The Big Door Prize [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Josh Segarra in ★★★★☆
Blowhard restaurateur Giorgio (played by Josh Segarra) can't get his mind off Cass.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review The Big Door Prize throws a gala this week in an emotional installment of the Apple TV+ show about a town upended by an apparently psychic machine.

Cass gives herself a huge project, and only Giorgio seems to be on her wavelength about its relative importance. Meanwhile, Dusty gets high, Father Reuben gets jealous, and Izzy goes on the warpath in a very successful episode, entitled “Giorgio.”

The verdict is in on Extrapolations’ finale [Apple TV+ recap] ★★☆☆☆


Nick Bilton (played by Kit Harington) has been arrested, leaving his second-in-command Martha Russell★★☆☆☆
Billionaire Nick Bilton (played by Kit Harington, left) faces judgment in the Extrapolations finale.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewExtrapolations creator Scott Z. Burns brings his wildly misguided and ambitious Apple TV+ show about global warming, to a close this week the only way he possibly could: with a lengthy, boring courtroom drama

The cast comes out for a bow to sum up, loudly and with no subtext, all of Burns’ findings and thoughts about global climate change and how people need to do something about it. The Extrapolations finale, entitled “2070: Ecocide,” proves just as thrilling as it sounds.

There’s a new sheriff in town this week on The Big Door Prize [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Aaron Roman Weiner in ★★★★☆
When you pull the "Sheriff" card from the Morpho machine, things can get wild.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewApple TV+ sci-fi comedy The Big Door Prize, about a machine that reads people’s potential and possibly their future, takes a hard look this week at a character who’s maybe hardest to like among the ensemble.

Beau goes on the hunt for a cheater. Giorgio continues his quest to best Dusty. Trina has a terrible realization. And Jacob bears the brunt of it all, as usual. The episode, entitled “Beau,” serves up quite a good showing from the cast and writers. It’s one of the season’s best yet.

Extrapolations nails the dinner party at the end of the world [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★☆☆


Forest Whitaker, Eiza González, Tobey Maguire and Marion Cotillard in ★★★☆☆
The dinner party definitely doesn't go as planned this week on Extrapolations.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewGuess who’s coming to dinner this week on Extrapolations, the sci-fi omnibus from Apple TV+? Veteran TV director Nicole Holofcener goes for the gusto as the worst dinner party in America goes off the rails.

An all-star cast, and a lot of pent-up energy, help this week’s episode — entitled “2068: The Going-Away Party” — stand apart from previous episodes.

It’s sex, lies and despair this week on The Big Door Prize [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★


Gabrielle Dennis, Chris O’Dowd, Rory Keane and Emily Topper in ★★★
What could go wrong with a romantic rendesvouz?
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewThe Big Door Prize, the Apple TV+ sci-fi/comedy about a mysterious machine that reveals people’s potential, reaches deeper into despair and goofiness this week.

Dusty and Cass’ daughter Trina celebrates a depressing milestone and is acting out to make sure everyone knows it. Plus, Dusty and Cass try a romantic getaway and find nothing but surprises, both welcome and unwelcome, waiting for them.

In the episode, entitled “Trina,” The Big Door Prize flexes its tonal muscles.

Extrapolations bungles a sci-fi trope about memory [Apple TV+ recap] ★★☆☆☆


Gemma Chan in ★★☆☆☆
Memories make powerful motivators this week on Extrapolations.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewExtrapolations, the too-ambitious-in-all-the-wrong-ways Apple TV+ science fiction show “about” global climate change, revisits an old friend this week for a look at the courier job from hell.

The show’s focus this time around is not on the environment but rather on the personal toll of living in a future you can’t control or understand. The episode, entitled “2066: Lola,” is a laborious and overfamiliar story that is, for no good reason, longer than almost every other episode of Extrapolations.