Apple in Russia
Investigators will look at whether Apple abused its position as controller of the App Store.
Photo: Caviar

Do not call Dmitry Markov’s iPhone photos ‘seamy’


Dmitry Markov
"Time to death." Haircut of 18-year-old teenager before his release from orphanage is one of 80 iPhone photos in #DRAFT #RUSSIA, which runs through June 4 at the agnés b. Galerie Boutique in New York City.
Photo: Dmitry Markov courtesy of agnés b.

Each of the 80 arresting iPhone images in an exhibition entitled #DRAFT #RUSSIA are a chapter in the life of the photographer Dmitry Markov.

The pictures may feel like a hard, unpleasant view of a fringe existence in a Russian province far removed from the economic bustle of Moscow, but Markov makes no apology.

Apple reveals what user data is being stored on Russian servers


iOS 11.3 Beta 1
Local data storage law came into effect in 2015.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has revealed which user data is being stored on Russian servers as part of its compliance with a local law which came into effect in Russia in 2015. The user data affects only Apple users in the region, and includes their name, delivery address, email, and phone number.

A filing by Apple makes no mention of other forms of personal data, such as iMessages, documents, or photos. In the event of Apple employees, Apple also stores information such as passport numbers, income information, and more.


Apple is unimaginably profitable.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Trump’s iPhone could be a threat to national security


Trump's tax changes have been great for Apple.
Photo: Bloomberg

President Donald Trump has a serious iPhone problem, and it could be huge issue for U.S. national security.

Despite being warned by security advisers, Trump continues to use an unsecured iPhone to talk with friends, colleagues and business partners — and China and Russia could be listening in on his calls.

Spotted: This gravestone looks just like an iPhone


The iPhone gravestone stands tall in a Russian cemetery.
The iPhone gravestone stands tall in a Russian cemetery.
Screenshot: The Straits Times

An iPhone gravestone spotted in Russia marks the final resting place of a young woman who reportedly worked in an Apple retail position.

A video posted online shows the iPhone-inspired grave marker. The unique monument boasts an Apple logo, side buttons and an image of the deceased 25-year-old on the screen. It’s the ultimate tribute to an Apple fan!


Telegram logo
Telegram has rolled out updates, you’re just not getting them.
Photo: Telegram


Telegram flames
Telegram is in trouble in Russia.
Photo: Telegram/Cult of Mac

Putin’s mug and missile give iPhone that Cold War feel


There is now a nuclear option when shopping for an iPhone.
Photo: Caviar

A Cold War is all about rhetoric and saber-rattling. A Russian company named Caviar
is taking advantage of growing tension between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union with a patriotic iPhone celebrating President Vladimir Putin and the country’s newest cruise missile.

It’s called “Putin Ultimatum.”