Processor update might make Google’s Wear OS a better Apple Watch competitor


Qualcomm's upcoming processor might make Google's Wear OS more competitive.
Qualcomm's upcoming processor might make Google's Wear OS more competitive.
Photo: Google

One of the reasons Apple Watch has no problems fending off competition running Google’s Wear OS is that they all use a two-year-old processor. Qualcomm is finally readying a new smartwatch chip for release this fall.

In addition, the next version of Watch OS will make greater use of Google Assistant, the company’s artificial intelligence powered system for voice control.

Despite lawsuits, Qualcomm will still provide chips for 2018 iPhones


Qualcomm will share manufacturing duties with Intel.
Photo: Qualcomm

Breakups can be complicated. If you’ve built a life together, then extricating yourself from the other party isn’t necessarily as easy as ripping off a band-aid.

That’s a life lesson which applies to Qualcomm and Apple. Despite spending the last year-and-a-half feuding with one another, it seems that 2018-era iPhones are still going to rely on Qualcomm for a certain number of chips.

Because life is complex that way.

Qualcomm will cut 1,500 jobs amidst Apple legal battle


Qualcomm has been battling Apple since early 2017.
Photo: Qualcomm

Chipmaker Qualcomm is reportedly cutting around 1,500 jobs in an effort to reduce its costs by $1 billion. Most of these jobs will be in California, although some will be in other locations.

Qualcomm has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle with Apple since early 2017.

Tim Cook will attend deposition as part of Apple’s ongoing battle with Qualcomm


Tim Cook
Tim Cook will tell his side of the story concerning Qualcomm case.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook will attend a deposition on June 27 as part of Apple’s continuing legal battle with Qualcomm.

Qualcomm’s lawsuit accuses Apple of lying to regulators in order to spur investigations into Qualcomm’s business. Apple previously filed a complaint over chip royalties.

E.U. fines Qualcomm for paying Apple billions to shut out rivals


Qualcomm allegedly paid Apple billions to keep its business.
Photo illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The European Commission has fined Qualcomm 997 million euros ($1.2 billion) for abusing its market dominance in LTE baseband chipsets, supposedly paying Apple billions of dollars in order to secure their business and stop Apple buying chips from rivals.

Such practice is illegal under EU antitrust laws.

Apple in 2017: A year of epic proportions


Apple year in review 2017
Did any company have a better 2017 than Apple?
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac's 2017 Apple year in review 2017 was a pretty damn good year for the world’s most profitable tech company.

Apple did much more than rake in more cash than any company this year. Cupertino also pushed out its most impressive product lineup ever, laid the groundwork for the future of augmented reality, moved into a new spaceship campus, battled other tech giants and got tossed into the political spotlight.

Apple dominated the tech scene in 2017 more than any other company. Here’s a recap of some of the year’s most memorable Apple moments.

Apple is searching for new modem chip suppliers to replace Qualcomm


Apple's feud with Qualcomm shows no signs of slowing down.
Photo: Intel

Apple has reportedly shifted half of its baseband modem chipsets for iOS devices to Intel from Qualcomm, and is now considering shifting additional orders to Taiwanese manufacturer MediaTek.

The news comes at a time when hostilities between Apple and former manufacturer Qualcomm continue to heat up, with no signs that they will come to a close soon.