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Jay-Z backs Devialet’s pricey new AirPods Pro rival


Following the, err, Blueprint for successful earbuds.
Photo: Deviale

Devialet, an audio firm backed by superstar rapper Jay-Z, debuted its Gemini wireless earbuds, a rival to Apple’s mega-successful AirPods Pro, on Friday.

The premium $299 earbuds (making them $50 more than the $249 AirPods Pro) aim to appeal to the same high end of the market wowed by Devialet’s speakers, which can cost up to $3,000.

Jay-Z’s Blueprint trilogy is finally available on Apple Music


Jay-Z 2
Almost all of Jay-Z's back catalog is now available on Apple Music.
Photo: Mikamote/Wikipedia CC

Thanks to his rival Tidal streaming service, Jay-Z was somewhat M.I.A. from Apple Music for a while.

Somewhere along the line, the tide started to turn. Jay’s 4:44 album landed on Apple Music. As did Everything is Love, his collaboration with wife Beyonce. Now the Blueprint trilogy — home to what is probably Jay-Z’s greatest album — has arrived on Apple’s streaming service.

So much for Tidal! Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s joint album already on Apple Music


Jay-Z and Beyoncé
This is the power couple's first joint album.
Photo: Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Jay-Z may be the founder of Tidal, but it seems that he still cares more about streaming numbers than he does about long-term exclusives for this streaming company. At least, that’s the big takeaway from the fact that his joint album with wife Beyoncé is already available on Apple Music.

The album, titled Everything is Love, debuted on Tidal as a very short-lived exclusive over the weekend. Along with Apple Music, the new album is also available on iTunes, Spotify’s premium tier, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more.

Lack of cash could kill Jay-Z’s Tidal music service next year


Jay Z
Jay Z's got 99 problems, and Apple Music is one.
Photo: Flickr/NRK P3

One of Apple’s biggest competitors in the music streaming business is about to bite the dust.

Tidal, the music streaming service owned by Jay-Z, is allegedly facing some serious money problems. According to a new report, user growth has stalled too making the company’s cash problems even worse.

Jay Z’s new album goes platinum without Apple Music’s help


Jay Z 4:44
No Apple Music, no problem. Apparently.
Photo: Jay Z

It’s only been out since last week, but Jay Z’s 4:44 album has already gone platinum, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The feat is all the more miraculous considering that Jay’s album has thus far been available only in a select few places. As we’ve noted, it was nearly impossible to stream through legal methods, with the only two ways to access it either being a Tidal subscription or listening on the 160 iHeartRadio stations across the country.

Kanye West waves Tidal goodbye


Kanye West
Kanye is said to have walked over a money dispute.
Photo: Rodrigo Ferrari/Flickr (CC)

Since being acquired by Jay-Z, Tidal has been heavily reliant on superstar names to attract new subscribers — but it just lost a big one.

According to one report, Kanye West has walked away from the service over a dispute regarding payments for The Life of Pablo and exclusive music videos.

Jay Z takes shots at Jimmy Iovine and Apple Music on latest album


Jay Z
Jay Z's got 99 problems, and Apple Music is one.
Photo: Flickr/NRK P3

The new album from Jay Z is nearly impossible to stream through legal methods this week, but if you are one of the lucky few that gets to listen to it, you’ll hear the Jigga Man taking shots at one of his biggest rivals: Apple Music.

On one of the tracks for his album 4:44, Jay Z — owner of the struggling music streaming service Tidal — calls out Apple Music boss Jimmy Iovine and talks about his beef with Apple saying he wants more than what Apple offers artists.