Pick up 4 sleek, versatile charging accessories now on sale


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Save on a whole range of charging gear, from wireless hubs to laptop-ready backup batteries and more.
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More devices means more trouble keeping everything charged. These four Mac and iPhone accessories will give you all the power you need, no matter your situation (assuming you’re not a supervillain hell-bent on world destruction).

Save on iPhone video accessories during this limited-time sale


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Grab these deals on smartphone camera gimbals, LED light rings, lenses and more.
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In 2020, video has become an essential part of everyday life, from Zoom calls to vlogging to learning the latest TikTok dance. If you want your video to truly shine, you need some extra gear. These four great accessories will help you get more from your iPhone or Mac camera.

Click together your perfect power strip for all of your Apple devices


STACK 6-Port Modular Surge Protector + USB Charging Module
Score an extensible, flexible surge protector for all your gadgets and connections.
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At home, at the office, lots of devices, just a few. We all have different power needs that change all the time. So what good is a powerstrip that can’t change with us? This adaptable, stackable powerstrip makes lets you build your perfect power solution.

Save 33% on Anker’s ultra-portable, super-speedy USB-C charger


Anker USB-C charger deal
Now under $12 for a limited time.
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With an ultra-compact design that makes it easy to take anywhere, Anker’s terrific 18W USB-C charger is ideal for those who are always on the go. It will charge your iPhone, iPad, and lots more.

Get yours today at 33% off the usual price.

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Easily move data between Lightning and USB-C devices with this portable drive


iKlips C Apple Lightning USB C
Manage, transfer and encrypt your files from any device with this flash drive's dual Lightning and USB-C tips.
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With all our important files on various different devices with different connection formats, it can be a challenge to move data between them. Sure, there’s the cloud, but that’s not always quick enough and requires an active internet connection. Much better to go plug and play.

Wirelessly recharge two devices at once with this foldable wireless charger


Chargeworx Slim Foldable Dual Wireless Charging Pad
This slim, 20W dual wireless pad charges 2 Qi-compatible devices at once.
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Wireless charging is as convenient as it gets. Just set your device on the pad, and wait as the battery fills back up. As more devices gain Qi-compatibility, one pad isn’t enough, so this portable solution combines a pair of wireless charging pads in one slim package.

Mujjo makes one of the best iPhone 11 leather wallet cases [Review]


Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 can be all you need to carry around.
Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 comes in these colors, and more too.
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Everyone should use an iPhone case, and practically everyone needs to carry a wallet. Consider combining those two necessities with the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case. Updated for the iPhone 11 series, it remains just as beautifully slim-but-practical as its predecessors.

I’ve used this wallet case for weeks. Learn how well it survived daily use in my full review.

Enhance your video calls with special lenses, lighting and more


Pictar Home-Office Kit
Make your videos look better with a bundle of 18mm wide angle lens, 3-in-1 tripod, LED light, and more.
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Nowadays much of our human contact happens through a screen. From Zoom meetings to vlogs, podcasts and livestreams, the cameras on our phones and computers are the world’s window into our lives. The lenses, lighting and other gear in this kit can help improve the view.