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Apple Ring is the health accessory we need


Apple Ring is the health accessory we need
An Apple Ring should join Apple Watch as a way to let wearers monitor their health.
Concept: Victor Soto/BluePoly

Apple’s next new product should be a smart ring. No, not so you can scroll through Instagram on a teeny-tiny display. The Apple Ring would be packed with health sensors that allow wearers to track their exercise and fitness goals while carrying no other device.

It wouldn’t even require developing new technology. All that’s needed is for Apple CEO Tim Cook to make the decision to offer a new type of health tracker.

3 Apple Watch studies you can join to help fight COVID-19


Stanford COVID-19 Wearables Study is open to Apple Watch and Fitbit wearers.
The Stanford COVID-19 Wearables Study looks to see if your Apple Watch or Fitbit can detect a coronavirus infection before you know you have it.
Photo: Stanford University

Scientists want to know if the health data an Apple Watch collects can be used to diagnose COVID-19. There are multiple research studies currently open to those with Apple’s wearable.

Participants contribute to the goal of detecting the illness before the wearer knows they’re sick.

Future AirPods could count steps, track heart rate and monitor health conditions


AirPods Pro settings
Future AirPods won't just play music.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Future AirPods could boast ambient light sensors that track users’ heart rate, head movements and steps taken, Digitimes claimed Monday.

The report says the new health-tracking tech might find its way into Apple’s AirPods in the “coming 1-2” years. The feature reportedly will enable the ultra-popular wireless earbuds to track various activities and potentially monitor certain health conditions.

Apple Watch calls cops for unconscious driver after car crash


App Home Screen Apple Watch Series 4
Another day, another story of an Apple Watch-powered rescue.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Police in England responded to a car accident after an Apple Watch on the wrist of an unconscious man sent a request for help.

Details on the crash, including the victim’s condition, were not available. But the emergency SOS may have been a first for police in Surrey, who enthusiastically posted it on Twitter and tagged Apple CEO Tim Cook. The tweet also included a string of emoji showing a watch, satellite and rescue vehicles.

Apple Watch triggers chain-reaction rescue after woman’s seizure


Fall detection ad from Apple
Fall detection could be a lifesaver for some Apple Watch wearers.
Photo: Apple

Apple Watch’s fall detection feature came the rescue of a Sydney, Australia woman who fell unconscious after suffering a seizure.

Kate Donald has epilepsy and was home alone, but her Apple Watch Series 4 sent out emergency text messages to first responders and her husband, according to news reports.

Apple Watch wearer saved by fall detection in Norway


fall detection
The fall detection feature in Apple Watch Series 4 can distinguish between a fall, a trip and a slip.
Photo: Apple

The ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 has made a lot of news for alerting some wearers to potentially fatal heart problems.

Now, the watch’s fall detection feature grabs its own hero headline.

A 67-year-old man in Norway was home alone when he fainted and suffered a hard fall in his bathroom that left him unconscious. There, he might have stayed had the Series 4 watch he was wearing not sent alerts to first responders.

Free Apple Watches may land on some senior citizens’ wrists


Apple Watch Meidcare
That includes a life-saving ECG app.
Photo: Apple

Apple and a handful of private Medicare insurers are exploring a deal that could subsidize the cost of Apple Watches for people over 65 to use for health tracking.

Insurance companies offering the Apple Watch free or at a reduced cost as a carrot to get healthy is a growing trend as the watch continues to grab headlines for its health benefits.

Apple’s little-known sleep tracker could get big update soon


Beddit 3 sees you when you’re sleeping; it knows when you’re awake.
Beddit 3 sees you when you’re sleeping; it knows when you’re awake.
Photo: Beddit/Apple

The FCC granted its approval for Apple to make a “Sleep Monitor.” This is almost certainly an improved version of the Beddit, a product the company acquired last year.

It will apparently join Apple’s growing lineup of health-tracking products.

How to set up and track Apple Watch wheelchair workouts


Apple watch wheelchair exercise
Apple Watch now supports wheelchair users.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

People in wheelchairs no longer get treated like second-class citizens when it comes to Apple Watch’s fitness-tracking features. With the recent watchOS 3.0 update, which brings lots of big changes to the fitness-oriented wearable, Apple Watch wheelchair workouts can be tracked after a quick and easy setup.

Future Apple Earphones Could Track Your Health [Patent]



A new Apple patent, published Tuesday, reveals how future Apple earbuds and headphones might incorporate health-monitoring features.

The patent shows how a monitoring system could be cleverly built into Apple earphones, and used to track activity such as speed and distance traveled during exercise. The device would also be able to sense other biometric data relating to metrics body temperature, perspiration rate, and heart rate.