Learn everything about the iPhone XS in under a minute


iPhone Xs
Don't drop your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.
Photo: Apple

Apple unleashed more new iPhones this fall than ever before which means there’s a ton of little details to learn. You could dive deep into our iPhone XS and iPhone XR comparison guide to figure out which one is best for you, but if you don’t have time for that, Apple has made a short video covering all the new features.

In under a minute you can know everything there is to know about dual SIMs, dual cameras, big displays, depth control, Face ID and more amazing features packed into the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Prepare to be wowed:

eBay’s new tech controls your iPhone with head movements


HeadGaze uses the iPhone X 3D camera to move an on-screen cursor with subtle head motions.
HeadGaze uses the iPhone X's 3D camera to move an on-screen cursor with subtle head motions.
Photo: eBay

The TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X is what makes FaceID and Animoji possible. But a brilliant intern at eBay used to tech to create head-tracking software that can be used to control the iPhone.

HeadGaze has just been made open source, so any developer can build it into their own software.

Gorgeous concept video shows off beautiful iPhone XC colors


iPhone XR concept video
This might be the most colorful iPhone lineup ever.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

There’s less than 24 hours to go until Apple’s official trailers for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XC are available for the masses to view. Until then, this concept trailer is the next best thing.

Showcasing the five gorgeous color options the iPhone XC is expected to come in, the concept ad created by Gunho Lee will have you salivating with lust for the 2018 iPhone lineup. The only hard decision to make will be which color do you want?


iPhone XS Max is the iPhone fans lust after most


This could be the iPhone XS Plus and iPhone XS, Apple's 2018 iPhone models.
Get ready for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.
Photo: Lee Gunho

The iPhone XS Max is set to be the biggest phone Apple’s ever made once it officially debuts this week. It’s also poised to be the most expensive iPhone you could ever buy, but that apparently isn’t going to deter fans from gobbling up stock as soon as it hits stores.

In a recent poll asking Cult of Mac readers which 2108 iPhone they plan to buy, the pricey iPhone XS Max had more interest than the other two new iPhones and it wasn’t even close.

Check out the results:

Everything we think we know about the 2018 iPhone lineup [Updated]


iPhone X
Behold, the iPhone Xs.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is set to unleash its newest iPhones on the world in just a couple weeks and based on the rumors, these will be the most lust-worthy phones to ever come out of Cupertino.

Not only will the 2018 iPhone lineup include the biggest iPhone display Apple’s ever made, it will also be more colorful and more expensive than ever. We’ve been keeping our pulse on all the rumors leading up to Apple’s big September 12 unveiling and have a pretty solid idea on what’s coming through the pipeline.

This is what the 2018 iPhone lineup will look like:

How to add a second face to Face ID in iOS 12


alternate appearance Face ID
The Cult of Mac dress code makes it hard to use Face ID at work.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

In iOS 12, iPhone X owners gain the option of adding an alternate appearance in Face ID. If you’re a drag queen, if you regularly wear protective head and face gear for your job, or if you’re Bono and you’d like to be able to use your iPhone for that one hour a day that your doctor recommends you remove your sunglasses, an alternate appearance will help your iPhone recognize you.

Can you use it to let a second person access your iPhone? Perhaps. Here’s how to set it all up.

You’ll be surprised by what fans really want from the next iPhone


What’s on your wish list for a future iPhone?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

What do you want from Apple’s next iPhone? A faster processor? A better camera? A truly edge-to-edge screen without the controversial notch?

All of these things would make for nice improvements, but they’re not what most fans are asking for from their next iPhone. Better battery life is actually what tops the wish list in a survey of 1,665 Americans.

Apple won’t add fingerprint readers to 2019 iPhone displays


Touch ID
Fingerprint readers will probably never be embedded in iPhone displays.
Photo: Apple

iPhone fans hoping that Apple will bring back its beloved Touch ID features are in for some disappointment.

There were rumors for years that Apple was trying to embed a fingerprint reader into iPhone displays. One of the most reliable Apple analysts in the game is predicting that the technology will not make it to iPhones. Or if it does, it won’t come out this decade.

iPhone owner charged after punching employee over ‘faulty’ Face ID


Face ID
Shocking incident took place in Bangkok, Thailand.
Photo: Apple

A 23-year-old iPhone X customer in Bangkok has apologized after a shocking video of him punching a female retail store employee in the face went viral on social media.

The customer, called Kritpan Kitjit, supposedly became enraged after claiming his iPhone X’s Face ID feature did not work correctly. Kitjit demanded a replacement handset, but was denied due to the fact that the complaint didn’t hold up to inspection.

iPhone X notch might be on endangered list


Apple Watch
The iPhone X notch isn't the "deal breaker" so many thought it would be, but the screen cutout could be replaced with an under-display camera in 2019.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The first camera that can be embedded under a phone’s display might launch next year. If this comes to pass, it would remove the need for the screen cutout in the iPhone and many rival Android models.

It’s no secret that companies are trying to develop in-display cameras. The promise that one will be on the market in 2019 comes from an unnamed source.