‘iPhone SE 3’ renders imagine a gorgeous design upgrade we won’t get


iPhone SE 3 render
It's pretty, but it's unlikely.
Render: Ten Tech Review

New renders of an “iPhone SE 3” show off a gorgeous design upgrade with an edge-to-edge display and no Home button. The device looks a lot like iPhone XR, but with the same dimensions as the current iPhone SE.

These images are said to be based on leaked CAD drawings, but before you get too excited, they’re probably not accurate. At least not for iPhone SE 3.

iPhone 14 won’t include in-screen Touch ID


iPhone 14 won‘t include in-screen Touch ID
Bad news: looks like iPhone 14 won’t be Apple’s first with an in-display Touch ID scanner.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple won’t build the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system into the 2022 iPhone, according to a very reliable tipster. That’s bad news for those who aren’t fans of Face ID, or who just want a second option.

There haven’t been any specific reports that the iPhone 14 will include Touch ID, but Apple is supposedly working on an in-screen version.

iPhone 14 Pro could pack pill-shaped camera cutout, hidden Face ID sensors


iPhone 14 Pro with pill-shaped camera
It could look a little like this.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s bid to do away with the notch could lead to a pill-shaped camera cutout in its display, as well as hidden Face ID sensors, according to a tipster.

Recent rumors suggested that iPhone 14 will be the first to feature a “punch hole” camera cutout in its screen rather than current models’ notch. And though we initially assumed that would be circular — like those on Android devices — that may not be the case.

iOS 15.2 paves the way for DIY display replacements on iPhone 13


iPhone 13 display repair
That's the end of that.
Photo: iFixit

Apple’s newest iOS 15.2 beta paves the way for DIY screen replacements on iPhone 13. Earlier versions of the firmware inexplicably disabled Face ID when a display was replaced by anyone other than Apple. But that’s no longer the case.

The change came just a day before Apple revealed its new Self Service Program, which will offer customers the parts and tools they need to carry out hardware fixes themselves — if they feel competent enough to do so.

No Face ID in MacBook Pro is a missed opportunity


No Face ID in MacBook Pro is a missed opportunity
There’d be far fewer complaints about the MacBook Pro notch if it included Face ID.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Saying the 2021 MacBook Pro’s screen notch is controversial is putting it mildly. But Apple could have made it easier to bear. Building in Face ID would have better justified the display cutout — and also made the newest macOS notebooks easier to use.

Apple execs recently revealed why the MacBook Pro utilizes Touch ID instead of Face ID. And the reason is not convincing. The facial-recognition system is a better fit for MacBook than it is for any other Apple product — including ones it’s already built into.

Control freak Apple makes iPhone 13 the ‘strongest case yet for right to repair’


iPhone 13 display repairs kill Face ID
Way to go, Apple.
Photo: iFixit

The teardown experts at iFixit have confirmed that unauthorized display replacements break Face ID on iPhone 13. They also warn that Apple’s rather unscrupulous move has “huge implications for the professional repair industry.”

The only way around the change is to employ incredibly complicated micro soldering practices to transfer the display chip from the original screen over to the new one. It is “the strongest case yet for right to repair laws,” iFixit says.

iPhone 14: Under-display Face ID still a work in progress, may be delayed


iPhone 14 without notch
What the front of iPhone 14 might look like.
Photo: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo

It’s probably best not to get too excited for under-display Face ID in next year’s iPhone 14. Despite Wednesday’s big leak hinting at the upgrade for 2022, one analyst warns the technology is still very much a work in progress.

In recent years, manufacturers have been working to put front-facing cameras behind their smartphone displays in an effort to eliminate notches and holes. And the results, perhaps unsurprisingly, have been a mixed bag.

Apple’s under-display Touch ID tech won’t feature in iPhone 13


Touch ID may never return to high-end iPhone models.
Concept: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple won’t bring Touch ID back with iPhone 13 this year, despite testing new technology that would allow the fingerprint scanner to be hidden away under an iPhone’s screen, according to one reliable reporter.

Earlier reports have claimed Apple is working to bring Touch ID back to iPhone as an alternative to Face ID for those who want it. But the feature “won’t make the cut” for Apple’s big smartphone refresh this fall.

Smile! Face ID may come to Mac in the next couple of years


Face ID on MacBook
Coming soon to a Mac near you?
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple aims to bring Face ID to Mac within the next couple of years, reports Mark Gurman in his weekend “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg.

Gurman describes deploying the facial-recognition technology across all of Apple’s major devices — iPhone, iPad, Mac — as the company’s “ultimate goal.” He also suggests that Apple could be looking to embed the TrueDepth camera system, which helps power Face ID, in the Mac screen itself. This would help to eliminate the notch at the top of the display.