Apple battle with Epic Games goes to court next May


Epic Games v. Apple gets serious next spring.
A fight between Epic Games and Apple gets real next May.
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A court case to decide the fate of Fortnite on Apple devices will kick off May 3, 2021. But the arguments Epic Games and Apple will take before a judge are about more than a single game, albeit a very popular one. The court’s decision might have far-reaching implications for the iPhone App Store and Apple’s business.

Epic Games vs. Apple battle could end in a jury trial


iPhone with gavel.
The verdict may be in the hands of the people.
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The Apple vs. Epic Games antitrust lawsuit could come down to jurors to decide. According to a Monday report from Bloomberg, the federal judge overseeing the case has said that a jury trial could ultimately turn out to be the best way to resolve the case.

While U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of Oakland, California has not yet ordered such a case, she indicated that it might be a scenario where jurors are the ones best equipped to decide an outcome.

Apple: Epic wanted a fight to revive declining interest in Fortnite


Epic Games mocked Apple with a ‘1984’ parody.
Fortnite maker Epic and Apple have been battling since August.
Screenshot: Epic Games

Apple likens Epic Games’ current predicament, shut out of the App Store, to the company having “started a fire, and poured gasoline on it,” and now requesting help from the court to put it out.

Apple’s lawyers are referencing Fortnite maker Epic’s recent claims that it is suffering major harm by being blocked from the App Store. Then Apple really puts the boot in.

Fortnite-maker says ‘Sign in with Apple’ logins will continue to work


Sign in with Apple
Epic Games says login feature won't disappear after all.
Photo: Apple

Fortnite developer Epic Games say Apple issued it an “indefinite extension” for use of the “Sign in with Apple” API.

Epic previously said Apple would stop it offering this feature, meaning that people who signed up using the Apple login service would have been unable to access their Epic Games accounts.

PUBG Mobile surpasses $3.5 billion in player spending, most of it on iOS


PUBG Mobile
PUBG is having a great year.
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While Epic, the makers of battle royale game Fortnite, wage war against Apple, rival title PUBG Mobile goes from strength to strength in terms of player spending.

According to app analytics platform Sensor Tower, PUBG has just passed a major milestone: surpassing $3.5 billion in lifetime spending. Of that, $500 million comes in the past 72 days alone while people were stuck home during coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Act now to save your Fortnite account if you use ‘Sign in with Apple’


Fortnite on iPad with SteelSeries Nimbus
Don't let yours disappear.
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Epic Games’ ongoing battle with Apple has made it so that you will no longer be able to log into your Fortnite account using “Sign in with Apple” from September 11, 2020. If you don’t save your account today, you could lose access to the game — and all your data.

Fortunately, salvaging your account is simple, and it only takes a couple minutes. We’ll show you how.


Epic Games v. Apple is just getting started
The gloves just came off in Epic Games v. Apple.
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Fortnite-maker says it will suffer ‘irreparable harm’ if Apple doesn’t let game back in App Store


Epic Games mocked Apple with a ‘1984’ parody.
The Epic Games vs. Apple battle rages on.
Screenshot: Epic Games

In the latest development in Epic Games’ battle with Apple, the Fortnite-maker requested that a court require Apple to return the game to the App Store and restore Epic’s developer account.

Lawyers for the company argue that Epic is “likely to suffer irreparable harm” if this is not done.