Udemy classes cost just 10 bucks through December 29


Jump at this chance for lifelong access to Udemy courses for just $10.
Jump at this chance for lifelong access to Udemy courses for just $10.
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Apple expands its ‘Everyone Can Code’ program beyond the U.S.


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Want to learn Swift? Apple's happy to help.
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Having experienced success with its “Everyone Can Code” initiative inside the U.S., Apple is expanding its coding education program to more than 20 colleges and universities in other countries.

Twenty different international universities — in Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K. — will now offer Apple’s one-year Swift Curriculum, designed to give people tools to get jobs in the “app economy.”

Today in Apple history: Dell PCs overtake Macs in education market


Steve Jobs was accused of failing one of Apple's most popular markets.
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October 27: Today in Apple history October 27, 1999: Dell Computer overtakes Apple in the educational market, stealing Cupertino’s crown as the the top company selling computers to U.S. schools.

Steve Jobs, who is still in the process of rebuilding Apple after its near-collapse in the 1990s, faces heavy criticism for ignoring one of the company’s strongest markets.

Tim Cook reveals how Apple thinks different about charity


Apple CEO Tim Cook at WWDC 2017.
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After Apple ranked third in Fortune’s annual list of companies that Change the World, Tim Cook sat down for a wide-ranging interview to discuss how Apple is making a dent in the universe now.

The Apple CEO talked about everything from education and health initiatives to how Cupertino thinks different about charity. He also revealed that some of Apple’s research and development regarding health and wellness won’t ever be about making money.

Here are some of the highlights:

Watch Apple’s WWDC sessions for a free crash course in coding


Apple's free videos and transcripts of WWDC 2017 sessions will teach you a thing or two.
It's basically a free app development course!
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Each year, the Worldwide Developers Conference offers a golden opportunity for developers looking for an inside scoop on making the most of Apple’s technology. Luckily, you don’t need to attend to gain all that knowledge: Apple just made the 100-plus WWDC 2017 developer sessions available online.

Anyone can watch the videos for free — and even search a massive database of full WWDC session transcripts.

Tim Cook pushes Trump for compulsory coding classes for kids


Tim Cook discusses Apple's enterprise ambitions at BoxWorks in San Francisco, September 2015.
Tim Cook thinks coding is one of today's most important subjects.
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During Monday’s White House meeting with President Donald Trump, Tim Cook pushed for the U.S. government to make coding a required class for kids.

This is something Cook has publicly discussed before. When Apple debuted its kid-focused Swift Playgrounds app, he said, “We believe coding should be a required language in all schools.”

Six community colleges in the U.S. will be teaching Swift this fall


Time for your Swift class!
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Want to learn Swift in school? Apple wants you too as well, which is why its just launched a new app development curriculum for its mobile programming language aimed at high school and community college students.

The curriculum, which is available as a free download today from the iBooks Store, will be adopted by six community college systems serving nearly 500,000 students this fall. No doubt more will follow in the near future.