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Get best-of-web pricing on up to 10TB of cloud storage


Save files from any device and access them anywhere with this awesome cloud storage in the Deal Days sale.
Access all your files in one place with this exclusive low price on lifetime cloud storage in the Deal Days sale.
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It’s time to organize those masses of files across all your devices. The way to do it is with a great cloud storage solution like Prism Drive that allows you to access every file from anywhere.

Prism Drive comes highly recommended by users. And right now, you can get lifetime access to 2TB of cloud storage space for $39.99 (regularly $700), a price you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll have to be quick, though, as this best-of-web price is part of our limited-time Deal Days event — our version of Amazon’s Prime Day — which ends on October 12. (You can find even more major savings on our most popular products right here.)

Get 1TB of lifetime cloud storage from this iCloud alternative for $112


Free up space on your devices with 1TB of cloud storage for life, less than $112 now.
For this month only, you can grab 1TB of top-rated cloud storage for less than $112.
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Need more storage space? With more photos and videos to store than ever, who doesn’t? But before you upgrade your iPhone for more capacity, consider purchasing a cloud storage plan.

Koofr is one of the highest-rated providers on the market, and right now, you can get lifetime storage for a single payment. 1TB storage plans are available for just $111.99 (regularly $2,700) with code KOOFR this September.

With this top-rated cloud storage service, you’ll never have to pay for iCloud


Protect your memories for life with this massive cloud storage loved by users, less than $150 today.
Save thousands of dollars on iCloud storage with this top-rated lifetime cloud backup.
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We all have more photos, documents and data on our devices than ever. To keep them safe, you need a cloud backup plan you can rely upon. One of the most well-reviewed is Degoo, which is offering a lifetime of cloud storage with a one-time payment.

You can purchase a lifetime subscription on sale for just $149.99 (regularly $4,320). That’s the best price available anywhere online. Just imagine: No more monthly cloud storage subscriptions!

Free up iPhone space with up to 30% off Koofr cloud storage in our Labor Day Sale


Clear up some room with these three deals on cloud storage.
Keep your files safe with a Labor Day deal on cloud storage.
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When you install an app, do you have to bid another one farewell? Running out of room on your phone or computer is a pain, but you aren’t necessarily limited to the space on your hard drive. Good cloud storage that helps you organize your files and keeps them safe is an easy way of keeping apps and large files off the chopping block

Koofr Cloud Storage offers three lifetime subscriptions at 100GB, 250GB and 1TB that could be an excellent match for your file-storage needs.

Plus, during Cult of Mac Deals’ Labor Day Sale, you get a little more control over how much you pay. Pair one of these deals with any other from our Labor Day Collection, and you could get 20% off for two items or 30% off for three or more. No coupon is needed, but the price needs to be $49 or higher before applying the discount. The sale ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on September 5.

Save hundreds on Prism Drive cloud storage plans while helping a great cause


Someone holding an iPhone over a MacBook.
Lifetime subscriptions to Prism Drive secure cloud storage are on sale during our Back to Education event.
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As far as remote file storage goes, iCloud is pretty great. It connects seamlessly to your Apple devices, is reliable and reasonably cheap. But it’s not perfect. For example, if you’re a college student or learning a new skill, you might need more storage space to house all your project files.

For situations like that, Prism Drive makes for an excellent and inexpensive Plan B. And right now, lifetime subscriptions are on sale during our Back to Education event.

Save big on cloud storage with pCloud’s new family plan and back-to-school offer


pCloud has a new family plan with 10TB of cloud storage -- and you can get up to 80% off the price!
pCloud has a new family plan with 10TB of cloud storage -- and you can get up to 80% off the price!
Photo: pCloud

This cloud storage post is presented by pCloud. 

If you’re looking for reliable cloud storage for the whole crew, pCloud’s new family plan delivers 10TB of shared storage. Plus, a great back-to-school deal can save you some serious money (up to 80% off).

The Switzerland-based company, subject to strong privacy laws, offers affordable, super-secure cloud-based storage and backup for individuals, families and businesses.

Free up space without deleting files with 1TB of cloud storage for life


Get a lifetime 1TB cloud storage for only $140.
Get cloud storage that syncs with Google Drive (and more!) while it's 94% off.
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You should think of your iPhone‘s or Mac’s built-in storage as if you’re moving into a new apartment. That first day, it looks totally roomy. But once you move all your stuff in, aka your everyday apps are installed, it’s remarkable how small it gets.

So, if you’re tired of getting that “storage almost full” notification on your iPhone or MacBook, it might be time to supplement it with cloud storage. Luckily, Koofr is offering 1TB lifetime cloud storage subscriptions for only $139.99 (regularly $2,700).

Stash all your files with this lifetime deal on terabytes of cloud storage


Store your favorite iPhone pictures bad practically anything else in this 15, 25, 35, or 50TB cloud storage.
Access years of pictures from any Mac or iOS device with this cloud storage.
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People tend to become digital hoarders during their student years. By the time you graduate and move into your career, you may already have a considerable digital library you’ll only add to as you work. Consider a file backup plan like Degoo if you always want to have room for the files you accrue.

During Cult of Mac Deals’ 4th of July Sale, if you spend more than $100, you can get 20% off your purchase with code JULY20. And for a limited time, you can use that sitewide coupon to purchase 15TB, 25TB, 35TB and 50TB Degoo backup plans for $119.99, $159.99, $199.99 and $239.99, respectively.

Mac or iPhone full? Store files safely for life with 10TB Prism Drive for $89.


Prism Cloud Storage is rock solid and 10TB.
Prism is the crystal-clear choice for affordable, secure cloud storage.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When it comes to cloud storage, it can prove hard to find a service as flexible as an external hard drive. Common restrictions on file types, file sizes and even how you can upload severely undercut the convenience and security of cloud storage.

You won’t encounter those cloud storage problems with Prism Drive. This huge cloud storage drive lets you upload practically any file type, making the process easy and secure. And for a limited time, you can get 10TB of lifetime storage for just $89 (regularly $2,490).

FileBrowser Professional: Manage iPad files across network and cloud storage


FileBrowser Professional helps you work with files anywhere in network or cloud storage, right from an iPad or iPhone.
FileBrowser Professional helps you work with files anywhere in network or cloud storage, right from an iPad or iPhone.
Image: Stratospherix

This post is brought to you by Stratospherix, developer of FileBrowser Professional.

Although plenty of big businesses use Stratospherix’s FileBrowser Professional, it’s also a great product for home users and small offices. It helps users simplify their network and cloud storage, so they can easily work with files in just one app.

Individuals and businesses alike have trusted FileBrowser Professional for quite a while. It appeared on the App Store in 2009 and was among the first apps for the iPad when it launched in 2010. Since then, FileBrowser Professional has only gotten better, helping people use Apple devices more like they use a desktop computer.

It’s easy to download FileBrowser Professional from the App Store for iPadOS or iOS. Or you can try the free version, FileBrowserGo (see below).